The holiday season is upon us, and with the immense joy of getting together again.

These festivities embody the family spirit we hold so dear. Jetex hopes they will give you the opportunity to spend precious moments with your loved ones.

Jetex wishes you a very happy holiday season!

India Moon Mission

90 Years Since Record Breaking Flight

Ninety years ago, on 28 July 1929, the French aviator Maryse Bastié made history when she became the first ever female pilot to set an aviation world record. Her record was the longest continuous flight – close to 27 hours. She later went on to set further records and served as a Commander in the French Air Force.

New Private Aviation Terminal in Milan

A new business and general aviation terminal has opened at Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy. Spread over 15,000 square feet the new location offers security services, lounge and private meeting room. Previously, business travelers had to be processed with commercial passengers in the main terminal. Find out more about the upcoming Milan Linate closure at our blog.

USA and China Talks

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and the U.S.-led Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP) came together to discuss aviation technology, pilot training, MROs, and data optimization to improve safety at the Business Aviation Operational Safety Seminar in Beijing. Amid tense trade talks between the USA and China, the meeting aims to promote the growth of business aviation in China and further cooperation between the 2 nations.

Check-In at Dubai Mall

Shoppers can now enjoy more time browsing and less time queuing with a new service available at Dubai Mall. Travelers across 9 airlines will soon be able to check-in and drop their baggage at the world’s biggest Mall. The company DUBZ will charge per passenger for the service and hopes to bring more convenience to travelers in the future.

India Goes Orbital

As celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing continue, India has launched its second moon mission. India hopes the $145m mission will be the first to land on the Moon’s south pole. That’s not only first, for the first time in India’s space history, an expedition is being led by two women – Muthaya Vanitha, the project director, and Ritu Karidhal, the mission director.

Polar Circumnavigation Speed Record

A Gulfstream broke the polar circumnavigation of the Earth record, accomplishing the flight in 46 hours, 39 minutes, and 38 seconds. Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the flight departed from Cape Canaveral, Florida, stopping in Kazakhstan, Mauritius and Chile along the way.

Google Air Traffic Control

Alphabet (Google’s parent company) continues its takeover into every part of our life – including the skies. A new app by an offshoot of the behemoth called OpenSky, aims to become an air traffic control system for delivery drones. The system will help to prevent mid-air collisions and adhere to regional legal restrictions.

NATA Safety 1st Program Updated

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) have announced new changes to the Safety 1st Training program, the first major update since the program launched in 2008. The new program sees refreshed videos, photos and audio as well as to the training model. A mixture of e-learning, practical and written exams and on-the-job training must be completed by applicants.

London Airports to Face Strike Delays

Travelers from Stansted and Heathrow airports could face delays this summer holiday period, as workers including security guards, engineers and drivers plan to strike. Unite Union confirmed strikes are set to take place from 26 and 27 July, 5 and 6 August and 23 and 24 August. The strike action is over pay disparity between airport workers and top executives.

Pakistan Airspace Re-Opens

Flights between India and Pakistan can now resume after a ban implemented in February has been lifted, according to reports. The ban, a result of political tensions, affected most Indian carriers, increasing fuel costs and flight times.

Supermodel Behavior

We all have our own rituals when we’re flying – noise cancelling headphones, or maybe you prefer the window seat. But do you have a cleaning routine? Model Naomi Campbell gave us a glimpse into her travel routine, including disinfecting her plane seat before take-off.


British Airways hit by GDPR fine


France announces Eco-tax

Scheduled flights departing from France will be subject to an eco-tax, starting in 2020. The tax will vary on the length and class of the flight. Flights within France or the EU will be taxed €1.50, economy flights out of the EU will be taxed €3. Business Class flights inside the EU will be €9 increasing to €18 for flights outside the EU. The tax is expected to raise around €180 million from 2020 and will affect airlines including Air France, EasyJet and Ryanair.


Flyover at the wrong Festival

Swiss festival goers at the Northwest Yodelling Festival received a surprise flyover display from the Swiss squadron. The Patrouille Suisse were supposed to fly over Langenbruck to commemorate the centenary of Swiss flying pioneer Oskar Bider. A military spokesperson said the F-5E Tiger II aircraft were not equipped with GPS technology.


British Airways hit with GDPR fine

After a data breach compromised customer information including address and credit card details the UK Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has issued a £183 million fine to the airline. Hundreds of thousands of customers were affected when hackers diverted users to a fraudulent website. This is the first penalty to be made public since GDPR rules were introduced in 2018 across the EU. The fine represents 1.5% of BA’s 2017 global turnover, the maximum fine being 4% of turnover.


Teens fly from Cape Town to Cairo in homemade plane

 A four-seater aircraft built by a group of South African school students in just 3 weeks has completed a flight from Cape Town to Cairo. 6 of the teenagers obtained pilot’s licenses and shared flying duties across the continent. The crew landed in Namibia, Malawi, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Tanzania and Uganda during the 12,000km (7,455 mile) trip.


Virgin Galactic Goes Public

Merging with capital fund Social Capital Hedosophia (SCH) will make the Virgin company the first publicly traded, human spaceflight company. According to Virgin Galactic more than 6o0 people have paid to reserve spots on future commercial flights — putting down a collective $80 million in deposits. This merger will provide much needed funding to the project, without the need for an initial public offering (IPO).

This week’s why fly private

A woman traveling on an American Airlines flight was briefly removed from the flight as staff deemed her outfit as inappropriate. The woman, traveling from Jamaica was asked to put on a blanket to cover herself and has since raised support from other outraged users on Twitter.

Jetex Ground Handling Push Back

VR in Aviation

Aviation is getting even more futuristic, with VR (Virtual Reality) making its way into ground service training. The pioneering use of the technology by Baltic Ground Services Group in Lithuania will help to bridge the gap between theory and field practice. With hyper-realistic graphics and sound effects, the program will help to speed up training and improve the quality.


HondaJet Delivery in Hawaii

Our friends at Honda Aircraft have made their first HondaJet delivery to Hawaii. The two aircrafts, bought by Wing Spirit, will be used to service inter-island charters for the 1.4 million residents and 10 million visitors to the beautiful islands. Company COO and VP Sal Miwa highlighted the aircrafts performance and comfort as a key reason for the choice.


Boeing 737 Max Grounding Continue to October

The grounding of 737 Max’s across the world is expected to continue until October this year. The delay has been further compounded by an additional chip failure discovered during the recertification process. Boeing hopes to remedy the issues – software updates according to them – by September for recertification by the FAA. Boeing have also pledged $100 million to supporting families and communities affected by the 2 fatal crashes 737 Max crashes.


This Weeks Why Fly Private

Airlines including British Airways and Virgin are being called out for their ‘no-show’ fees when passengers miss the first leg of their journey. In many cases, the return leg of a journey is also cancelled, leaving passengers to pay up to 3,000 Euros for an additional flight. Consumer watchdog Which? and the CAA is calling for changes to clauses by airlines.



TU Delft Flying-V

Drone Disruptions

For the second time in a week Singapore’s Changi Airport experienced delays due to unauthorized drone activity. Approximately 15 departures and 3 arrivals were delayed and 7 flights were diverted. The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore has deemed it illegal to fly within 5km of any airport or military airbase, or higher than 200 feet. With the widespread use of drones by the public it’s an ongoing battle for airports and authorities.


New Aircraft Design Concepts

As well as the explosion of new startups for hybrid and fully electric aircraft, there are a growing number of projects that aim to boldly change the efficiency of current aircrafts. These unconventional designs could help to reduce engine noise, shorter take off and landing, minimized weight and reduced drag. Take a look at our blog for some of the concepts from NASA, Onera and Boeing.


Russia Cancels Georgia Flights

Russian news outlets are reporting that they plan to halt flights by Russian carriers to neighboring Georgia from July 8th. The ban comes after Russia reported Georgia failed to pay debts accrued for air navigation services. It’s estimated that 150,000 Russians will have to cancel planned trips to Georgia in the coming months.


This Week’s Why Fly Private

A woman travelling on an Air Canada flight had a rude awakening. She woke up to find herself on the empty darkened plane – and to top things off her phone was dead. She attempted to use the cockpit comms and eventually managed to unlock a cabin door, gaining the attention of ground crew who assisted her off the aircraft. Air Canada have not yet commented on how the woman was left overlooked.


Boom Supersonic Flight Simulator

Paris Airshow

As well as celebrating a decade of our Jetex Paris le Bourget location, lots of other exciting announcements were being made during the International Paris Airshow.

The main theme of this year’s show has been sustainability in the industry. Among those pushing boundaries in electric aviation were Airbus and VoltAero Cassio, pushing the boundaries of hybrid and eVTOL engineering with demonstrations throughout the show.

Rolls-Royce have announced plans to acquire Siemen’s eAircraft Business to continue to revolutionize jet travel. The partnership will concentrate on evolving the gas turbine engine, advancing the use of sustainable alternative fuels and electric engines – all to help manage CO2 emissions and aviation sustainability.

The announcement further echoes a joint statement by Airbus, Boeing, Dassault Aviation, Rolls-Royce and United Technologies Corp at the show to cement their commitment to reducing aviation pollution drastically. They pledge to reduce CO2 emissions to half of 2005 levels by 2050 and to limit growth of net CO2 emissions by next year.

The most ambitious project? Check out Zephyr Endless Flight – a solar-powered balloon concept that would no longer require fuel to moderate the direction of travel. It could even take you to the edge of the stratosphere!

Supersonic Air travel?

As well as emerging technologies, the aeronautical industry is in the process of reviving an old one – Supersonic travel. ICAO and the FAA are looking at regulation changes that would permit supersonic travel, 15 years after the Concorde flew for the last time. The changes would affect current rules that restrict supersonic aircraft from flying over-populated areas, due to noise pollution. Companies such as Boom, Spike and Aero are also looking to revolutionize the business to bring supersonic back to the mainstream.

Call for Pilots

CAE, the aviation training specialists have announced a serious of scholarships and programs aimed to encourage potential pilots to join the industry. CAE estimates the civil aviation industry to need over 300,000 new pilots to satisfy growing demand. Their scholarships also aim to bring a more diverse range of applicants into the air.

Rolls Royce Around the World

Rolls Royce and Aeroflot have celebrated a new record – one of their engines has endured 50,000 engine flying hours – without requiring an overhaul. The distance is equivalent to 1,000 round the world trips – or travelling to the moon and back 50 times! The engine entered service in 2008 and has powered an A330 aircraft.

This weeks Why Fly Private

A man traveling from Pittsburgh International Airport on an American Airlines flight to Dallas had to be restrained by crew and passengers with duct tape as he became agitated during the flight. The flight had to make an emergency landing at Oklahoma City, where the passenger was arrested.

Dive Bahrain
Image The National

Knockout Name

Louisville Airport, Kentucky has a new name, commemorating it’s most famous resident – Muhammad Ali. Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport was unveiled with a new logo on June 6th by Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and Lonnie Ali, wife of Muhammad Ali. With 3.9 million passengers traveling through the airport each year, it’s a great way to continue the legacy of the heavyweight champion and humanitarian.

Boeing takes to the seas

We’re used to seeing Boeings crossing the skies, but if you’re traveling to Bahrain get ready to see something new – a 70 meter long Boeing 747 sunk in the Persian Gulf. The jet, part of an underwater theme park stretching 100,000 meters off the Bahraini coast is set to open this August. Divers can expect a unique site including art sculptures, with the reef expected to mature over the years. The aircraft has been stripped of all potential pollutants, including wiring and glues to create an inviting and long-lasting environment for marine life.

New Aeronautics Merger

United Technologies and Raytheon have agreed a merger that will see a $74 billion powerhouse that will bring together aircraft engines, parts, avionics, interiors, missiles and cyber technology. The union will aim to reduce Research and Development costs, develop cyber protection for connected aircraft and artificial intelligence for commercial travel. The new company will be known as Raytheon Technologies Corporation.

Vista Global Holdings Expands

Vista Global Holdings (VGH), group owner of VistaJet, Vista Lease, XOJET’s and now Jetsmarter has completed its acquisition of the per-seat charter broker and app. The merger aims to bring the Jetsmarter technology to all aspects of Vista companies. The deal, first announced in April and now passed by competition watchdogs is set to widen Vista’s access to an estimated $11 billion on-demand private charter market.

Big Data in Aviation

The Internet of Things has shaped the consumer world and now it’s starting to influence businesses, including aviation. Described as the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’, the idea is based on the power of smart machines collecting real time data and analytics to help improve inefficiencies in a business. With the help of Honeywell, Cathay Pacific reduced delays and cancellations by 30%. Collecting data from 1.6m flight records and 13,000 APU reports, they were able to create a predictive model that forecast parts failing up to 3 days before failure.

This week’s Why Fly Private

Another reason to travel private – this week a flight leaving Manchester Airport in the UK was delayed by 8 hours when a passenger mistook the emergency door for the toilet door, triggering the emergency evacuation slide. The Pakistan International Airways flight arrived in Islamabad seven hours late and caused further delays to other flights leaving Manchester Airport.

Cuba Flag

Cuba Regulations News

We would like to inform you that due to new regulations imposed by the US Government to the operation of “N” registered aircraft to Cuba, flying to the country on your personal or corporate aircraft (Part 91) is no longer allowed. Flying to Cuba on commercial airlines is still allowed and was not affected by this new rule; same applies to Part 135 air ambulance operations, which are allowed to fly to/from Cuba if required.

The group people to people travel is now prohibited but the other authorized categories previously defined by US are still allowed. (see below)

The Previous 12 Approved Purpose of Travel to Cuba are as follows:

  1. Family visits
  2. Official business of the U.S. government, foreign governments, and certain intergovernmental organizations
  3. Journalistic activity
  4. Professional research and professional meetings
  5. Educational activities
  6. Religious activities
  7. Public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic and other competitions, and exhibitions
  8. Support for the Cuban people
  9. Humanitarian projects
  10. Activities of private foundations or research or educational institutes
  11. Exportation, importation, or transmission of information or information materials
  12. Certain export transactions that may be considered for authorization under existing regulations and guidelines.

If you are not sure if your flight operations might be affected by restrictions placed by the FAA, please contact our commercial & operations team at:


Jetex awarded for Dubai FBO

We are delighted to announce that Jetex has been awarded the Sapphire Pegasus Award for Outstanding Design at our Dubai FBO. Opened in 2016 the terminal and extended in 2017, the location embodies Jetex’s commitment to providing exceptional experience.

Paris Le Bourget was also recognized as Best Business Aviation Airport in the awards. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!


The importance of Cybersecurity

SatcomDirect, a world leader in aviation technology has reported a significant increase in the number of cybersecurity threats to business aircraft.

Like most industries, advances in digitization mean increased risks from hackers to corporate directors and VIPs that frequent business jets. Once a device on the aircraft has been compromised, there are risks to corporate networks as viruses and malware are embedded.

Out of 600 aircraft that use the Satcom Direct service, 81% had experienced an attempt on their network.

EASA – European Union Aviation Safety Agency, has announced a Notice of Proposed Amendment with the objective to “identify, protect from, detect, respond to and recover from those information security incidents which could potentially affect aviation safety.” These regulations will extend across the industry, including production and design organizations, aircrew training organizations and maintenance organizations.


Welcoming the G20

Our Japan team is getting ready to welcome delegates from around the world for the G20 Summit – the first to be held in Japan. The event, taking place from 28th – 29th June sees nations unite to discuss issues from climate change to digital technology. NOTAMs have been issued and our Operations Team can organize relevant permits and permissions – contact them at

Jetex Shannon

Urban Air Mobility advances

eVTOL – or electric powered vertical takeoff and landing aircraft – are closer than you think. Urban air mobility was a key topic of discussion at EBACE 2019 and continues to grow. Airbus and Boeing are channeling funds into R&D and Uber Elevate hopes to bring it’s ride sharing format to city skies. Companies are hoping to revolutionize the way we travel in urbanized areas – reducing traffic and pollution.

Business Aviation growth in Europe

The European business jet market is seeing promising growth in the jet fleet. Shearwater Aero Capital have predicted, based on current market, that by 2025 1,071 new private jets could be delivered in the region. That’s a cool $38.5 billion worth of private jets! Currently the number of private aircraft in the European region is estimated at 2,282 jets, ranging from heavy to light jets.

Airbus Anniversary

Most of us have probably travelled on an Airbus aircraft sometime in our lives and 2019 marks an important milestone for the company. 50 years ago, the company was formed between France and Germany and since then they have brought many innovations to the market including the A380, A300 and supersonic Concorde. Today they continue to revolutionize the market, investing in EVTOL research programs, bringing Urban Air Mobility one step closer to our everyday lives.

Avionics upgrades

The first quarter of 2019 has seen growth in the sale of business and general aviation aircraft electronics. There has been a 13% increase compared to the same quarter in 2018 – with 53% of the sales coming from aftermarket upgrades. The news from the Aircraft Electronics Association, follows an upward trend for nine consecutive quarters. The most common upgrades? Audio interface controllers, lithium ion batteries and touchscreen displays.

Summer delays in the USA

The grounding of Boeing 737 MAXs continues to cause headaches for carriers in the USA as the busy summer season approaches. From June to August it’s estimated that 2.8million people will travel per day and the removal of over 60 planes from various fleets will put pressure on many airlines over the summer, potentially with many flight cancellations. The issue is further compounded by a proposal to move TSA employees, including screeners and air marshals, to the U.S-Mexico border. This potential shortage could cause increased wait times at airports across the USA.

Shannon U.S Customs

Shannon U.S Customs Pre-Clearance at Shannon airport will be extended from 17th June 2019. Currently timings are 0900 – 1700 local, seven days a week and will increase to 0800 – 2100 local. The service, available for business travelers and commercial flyers. Shannon was the first European airport to offer U.S. pre-clearance and in 2010 became the first to offer the service to private jet travelers.

There is a current NOTAM from 29th May – 7th June advising customers to arrive at the airport 15 minutes earlier, due to the U.S. Presidential visit.