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Trip Planning

Think of an optimized flight plan. What comes to mind?
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A company that can take all the flight puzzle pieces and put them together to create a perfect journey.

A company that has attained the expertise to carefully plan, organize, and execute a flight to the highest of standards.

A business that has built a reliable reputation and is a global leader in executive aviation. A company like Jetex.
Operations Centers

Operations Centers

The perfect flight doesn’t just happen. It takes an experienced team to gather the puzzle pieces to put them together creating a seamless flight.

The Plans

Our flight planners and dispatchers work to develop computerized flight plans that will provide you with the maximum operational efficiency while saving you time and money.

The Briefing

While no one can adequately predict the weather, however, we come pretty close with our latest innovative weather monitoring technology – from take-off to landing you and your crew will have up to date weather briefings.
The Plans The Briefing
The Analysis The Organizing

The Analysis

Every destination in the world has different rules, regulations, and restrictions.

We take the time to carry out a runway analysis and study the aircraft’s load and trim sheets to make sure that these regulations are met for a smooth journey.

The Organizing

The briefing and the analysis take our team through to the ATC filing and acknowledgments system before you can start your journey.

Once the aircraft takes off, we monitor the NOTAMs [Notice to Airmen] and use our real-time flight tracking software to keep you and your crew up to date with any possible disruptions, as well as solutions.

Think of organizing a trip. What comes to mind?

The time consuming and lengthy process of arranging accommodation and transportation. The thought of having to go through the visa application process.

The confusion behind sorting travel insurance. The concern over safety when you reach your chosen destination. The need for a company – like Jetex – that will take the reins to organize the perfect trip.

Before Take-off

Getting all the arrangements sorted for take-off can be time-consuming and confusing. Jetex eliminates all hassle and saves you time. We keep up to date with global visa and travel insurance requirements to ensure that your entry to your destination is smooth sailing.

After Landing

Arranging and organizing accommodation, transportation and security assistance in a country you don’t know can be challenging with all the bountiful options. Our experienced team can help get your hotel stay booked with security and drivers at the ready to take you to your destination.
Before Take off After Landing

Trip Planning

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Jetex is a world leader in private jet aviation. From the word go, true to the brand's 'departures anywhere' philosophy, it has been Jetex's undertaking to create the perfect journey – to plan, organize and execute a flawless trip from start-to-finish.