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Regulations In Europe, Middle East, And Africa

EU Fuel Tax Exemption

While the EU is essentially “one market” for trade purposes, individual countries impose their own fuel value added taxes (VAT). See how you can save with a VAT exemption.

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EU Third-Country Operator (TCO) Authorization

If you’re a commercial or charter operator from outside the EU, you may be affected by new TCO regulations when flying to, from, or within the EU. Check if you are.

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EU Temporary Admission And Importation

Heading to Europe in a non-EU registered private jet? You may be eligible for exemptions from certain customs duties. See if this is the case for you.

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Ireland and UK API Requirements

What you should know before flying into Ireland and UK – it’s simple, and we can help you get it done.

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Cabotage in Europe, Middle East & Africa

Are you flying to a location where cabotage is outlawed? Find out if it’s legal when you’re flying in or out of Europe, Middle East & Africa

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Overflight Fees in the Middle East

Flying through the Middle East requires advance planning, and overflight fees are where you can save with adequate preparations. Here’s how.

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