Dive Bahrain
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Knockout Name

Louisville Airport, Kentucky has a new name, commemorating it’s most famous resident – Muhammad Ali. Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport was unveiled with a new logo on June 6th by Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and Lonnie Ali, wife of Muhammad Ali. With 3.9 million passengers traveling through the airport each year, it’s a great way to continue the legacy of the heavyweight champion and humanitarian.

Boeing takes to the seas

We’re used to seeing Boeings crossing the skies, but if you’re traveling to Bahrain get ready to see something new – a 70 meter long Boeing 747 sunk in the Persian Gulf. The jet, part of an underwater theme park stretching 100,000 meters off the Bahraini coast is set to open this August. Divers can expect a unique site including art sculptures, with the reef expected to mature over the years. The aircraft has been stripped of all potential pollutants, including wiring and glues to create an inviting and long-lasting environment for marine life.

New Aeronautics Merger

United Technologies and Raytheon have agreed a merger that will see a $74 billion powerhouse that will bring together aircraft engines, parts, avionics, interiors, missiles and cyber technology. The union will aim to reduce Research and Development costs, develop cyber protection for connected aircraft and artificial intelligence for commercial travel. The new company will be known as Raytheon Technologies Corporation.

Vista Global Holdings Expands

Vista Global Holdings (VGH), group owner of VistaJet, Vista Lease, XOJET’s and now Jetsmarter has completed its acquisition of the per-seat charter broker and app. The merger aims to bring the Jetsmarter technology to all aspects of Vista companies. The deal, first announced in April and now passed by competition watchdogs is set to widen Vista’s access to an estimated $11 billion on-demand private charter market.

Big Data in Aviation

The Internet of Things has shaped the consumer world and now it’s starting to influence businesses, including aviation. Described as the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’, the idea is based on the power of smart machines collecting real time data and analytics to help improve inefficiencies in a business. With the help of Honeywell, Cathay Pacific reduced delays and cancellations by 30%. Collecting data from 1.6m flight records and 13,000 APU reports, they were able to create a predictive model that forecast parts failing up to 3 days before failure.

This week’s Why Fly Private

Another reason to travel private – this week a flight leaving Manchester Airport in the UK was delayed by 8 hours when a passenger mistook the emergency door for the toilet door, triggering the emergency evacuation slide. The Pakistan International Airways flight arrived in Islamabad seven hours late and caused further delays to other flights leaving Manchester Airport.