India Moon Mission

90 Years Since Record Breaking Flight

Ninety years ago, on 28 July 1929, the French aviator Maryse Bastié made history when she became the first ever female pilot to set an aviation world record. Her record was the longest continuous flight – close to 27 hours. She later went on to set further records and served as a Commander in the French Air Force.

New Private Aviation Terminal in Milan

A new business and general aviation terminal has opened at Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy. Spread over 15,000 square feet the new location offers security services, lounge and private meeting room. Previously, business travelers had to be processed with commercial passengers in the main terminal. Find out more about the upcoming Milan Linate closure at our blog.

USA and China Talks

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and the U.S.-led Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP) came together to discuss aviation technology, pilot training, MROs, and data optimization to improve safety at the Business Aviation Operational Safety Seminar in Beijing. Amid tense trade talks between the USA and China, the meeting aims to promote the growth of business aviation in China and further cooperation between the 2 nations.

Check-In at Dubai Mall

Shoppers can now enjoy more time browsing and less time queuing with a new service available at Dubai Mall. Travelers across 9 airlines will soon be able to check-in and drop their baggage at the world’s biggest Mall. The company DUBZ will charge per passenger for the service and hopes to bring more convenience to travelers in the future.

India Goes Orbital

As celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing continue, India has launched its second moon mission. India hopes the $145m mission will be the first to land on the Moon’s south pole. That’s not only first, for the first time in India’s space history, an expedition is being led by two women – Muthaya Vanitha, the project director, and Ritu Karidhal, the mission director.