Jetex Ground Handling Push Back

VR in Aviation

Aviation is getting even more futuristic, with VR (Virtual Reality) making its way into ground service training. The pioneering use of the technology by Baltic Ground Services Group in Lithuania will help to bridge the gap between theory and field practice. With hyper-realistic graphics and sound effects, the program will help to speed up training and improve the quality.


HondaJet Delivery in Hawaii

Our friends at Honda Aircraft have made their first HondaJet delivery to Hawaii. The two aircrafts, bought by Wing Spirit, will be used to service inter-island charters for the 1.4 million residents and 10 million visitors to the beautiful islands. Company COO and VP Sal Miwa highlighted the aircrafts performance and comfort as a key reason for the choice.


Boeing 737 Max Grounding Continue to October

The grounding of 737 Max’s across the world is expected to continue until October this year. The delay has been further compounded by an additional chip failure discovered during the recertification process. Boeing hopes to remedy the issues – software updates according to them – by September for recertification by the FAA. Boeing have also pledged $100 million to supporting families and communities affected by the 2 fatal crashes 737 Max crashes.


This Weeks Why Fly Private

Airlines including British Airways and Virgin are being called out for their ‘no-show’ fees when passengers miss the first leg of their journey. In many cases, the return leg of a journey is also cancelled, leaving passengers to pay up to 3,000 Euros for an additional flight. Consumer watchdog Which? and the CAA is calling for changes to clauses by airlines.