UK Aviation Operations

The United Kingdom remains a highly popular destination for international visitors. The country also offers good business aviation infrastructure and facilities, making for a pleasant travel experience. Here are a few tips to take on board for planning successful UK aviation operations.

Ensure All Papers Are in Order

Some non-EU passengers will require a valid UK visa in order to enter the country. When arranging UK aviation operations, it is prudent to ensure that all necessary paperwork is taken care of well in advance. Aircrew are exempt if they are staying for less than seven days. However any other accompanying persons (for example, security personnel) are regarded as passengers, and will need the requisite documentation.

Keep Ground Handlers in the Loop

A full flight itinerary notifying the ground handler of the following details is necessary for a successful trip.

This should contain:

  • Passenger and crew details
  • Aircraft registration
  • Aircraft type

Note that local regulations can affect operations, for example airports in certain areas may be subject to noise restrictions. Note also that the majority of UK airports do not operate 24/7.

Be sure to arrange catering for passengers and crew ahead of time, so that any special requests can be accommodated.

Border Controls and Security

It is mandatory for passengers coming from outside the EU to fill in a landing card. Jetex can assist in the partial completion of the card. Aircrew who are staying less than seven days are not required to submit a landing card.

Clearing customs is another matter, with every airport establishing its own procedures within the parameters of the national CIQ guidelines. A number of UK airports offer 24/7 clearances. Some will even process passengers without disembarking, provided sufficient notice is given.

Note that certain foodstuffs (including dairy, meats and fruits) are not permitted. For up-to-date information on restricted items, please visit the UK government website.

UK General Aviation Operations

It is mandatory for passengers coming from outside the EU to complete a landing card.

Thinking of bringing your beloved pet? Be aware that quarantine procedures in the UK are stringent. London Oxford Airport (ICAO: EGTK) is the only private airport around the London area which is approved for processing domestic pet imports.

Security checks are a fact of life in the aviation industry. Operators must implement regulation screening measures on departure if passenger numbers exceed 19, or if the MTOW (Maximum Take Off Weight) is over 10 tons. The rules are a little more relaxed for flights falling below these thresholds, although passengers will still go through some form of security screening process. This will vary according to the rules at the airport of arrival.

Flight Planning for UK Aviation Operations

All UK aviation operations come under the auspices of Eurocontrol. Filing your flight plan in good time and getting it validated through the Eurocontrol website will help to ensure your plane leaves on time.

The Jetex dispatch team plays a crucial role in this process, by keeping the operator in the loop and suggesting route adjustments where necessary. Jetex always has an ear to the ground when it comes to the latest weather reports, NOTAMs (Notices to Airmen) and restrictions on the day of departure. We will make sure any pertinent information is passed on immediately. Operators can also make use of online flight planning tools to proactively resolve any routing issues which may arise.

Landing Permits

Landing and overflight permits are mandatory for all charter flights from non-EU locations. Private non-revenue flights are exempt from this requirement. Permits are administered by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Applications generally take between 48 hours and five days to be approved.

Fuel Uplifts

Advance notification for UK aviation fuel uplifts help the process to run smoothly. Jetex will liaise with the FBO at your destination to ensure everything is arranged prior to arrival. Note that VAT is applicable on fuel for private and domestic flights in the UK. Thanks to our VAT exemption program, you can save 20% from your bill at the point of sale. Contact today to enroll and start enjoying the benefits.

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Weather Conditions

The weather is always a hot topic in the UK. Operators, handlers and FBOs keep a close eye on conditions through the latest meteorological updates. Modern aircraft are able to negotiate fog. However snow can cause delays as ground teams work to clear the affected runways. Storms and high winds can also result in changes to your schedule.

Through the use of the latest innovative technology, Jetex is able to provide accurate, up-to-the-minute weather information. Our team will plan the best possible route, helping to ensure a smooth and safe flight for you and your crew.


Landing, ramp and parking fees all need to be taken into consideration. The latter two tariffs are based on the Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) of the aircraft. UK Air Passenger duty may have been in effect since 2013, but trip overheads can still be reduced. For instance, London Oxford Airport can interline arriving jet passengers with convenient 22-minute helicopter flights to the London Heliport (ICAO: EGLW) in the heart of London. Taking advantage of this option can slash landing fees by 25 – 50%. Talk to our trip planning team for further details on how you can save.

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