Fueling Your World
Why Pay More When You Can Save

Fuel is the lifeblood of aviation. High quality fuel ensures the safest and most efficient engine operation. That’s why we partner with only certified and internationally recognized fuel suppliers. Our suppliers are subject to rigorous audits and adhere to strict quality assurance procedures to provide the highest quality fuel available.

EU VAT Exemption

When you use Fuelex services in Europe, we automatically provide Value Added Tax (VAT) compliant invoicing. This reduces your paperwork and streamlines your fuel operations.

In addition, we work with you to reduce your VAT liability. Our staff understands the rules and regulations of each country, as well as the VAT exemption system itself. We will provide recommendations to ensure you secure the most cost-efficient VAT arrangements. We will also file for those exemptions on your behalf.

Fuelex Global Network

What do more than 500 fuel suppliers have in common? They all pass high standards of quality and customer service demanded of a Jetex Fuelex supplier.

With suppliers on six of the seven continents, the Fuelex program provides top quality fuel almost everywhere you want to go. From major metropolitan airports to far-flung outposts in Africa and South America, and everywhere in between, we’re constantly working to expand our network of top quality suppliers.

Save time and money when you purchase fuel through us. Join the Fuelex program to reap the benefits when you fly.

Join the Growing Fuelex Network

What’s in it for your business when you join the Jetex Fuelex Supplier Network? A partner of Jetex is a quality supplier, and one our clients have full confidence and trust in. You will be the partner of choice in locations our elite clientele from around the world fly to – be it in remote locations in Africa, or popular stops in Asia.

With well-defined request and payment terms, you enjoy a hassle-free process when providing fueling services to our clients.

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Whether you are an aircraft operator, owner, governmental flight operator or preferred supplier, we would like to hear from you. Our Fuelex team is available 24/7 to provide you with immediate quotations and the latest network updates.

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