Malaga Location Spotlight

Sitting on the Southern end of Spain is the city of Málaga. This city is amongst the oldest cities in the world and homes our Málaga Location.

This city that rests on the Costa del Sol [Coast of the Sun] is the capital of the Province of Málaga. This municipality capital is also the 6th most populous city in Spain. In 2016, Málaga was nominated as a candidate for the “European Capital of Culture” because of its important cultural infrastructure and display of artistic heritage.

The city’s roots run deep with history and stories, but it also plays a more significant role within its country as well. For southern Spain, Málaga is the region’s economic and financial center – and is home to the region’s largest bank. This city relies on three main industries to keep it growing and prosperous – tourism, construction and technology services.

Visitors just can’t help but be attracted to this wondrous city and Pablo Ruiz Picasso’s birthplace. The Málaga Airport [IATA: AGP, ICAO: LEMG] is the fourth busiest airport in the country. This comes as no surprise with 18.6 million passengers passing through the region’s main international airport in 2017.

Landing in Málaga

There is a beauty in exploring the different cities and countries all over the world. Whether you’re traveling for business purposes or for tourism, you’ll want to be streamlined through the busy Málaga Airport. This airport connects flights from around 60 counties and is always buzzing with passengers. So, why not fast track your journey by passing through our Málaga Location?

Our Málaga Location is fully equipped and ready to handle your requests:

  • Ground Handling
  • Obtaining Overflight Permits
  • Flight Planning
  • Entry & Landing Permits
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Passenger & Crew Transportation
  • Passenger & Crew Passport Clearance
  • Passenger & Crew Baggage Clearance
  • Concierge Services
  • In-flight Catering
  • Executive Lounge
  • Crew Lounge
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Multilingual & Multicultural Understanding Staff
  • Car Parking Facilities
  • Shower Facilities

An Unbeatable Location

Getting around this historic and artistic city isn’t very difficult. Leaving the airport and going to where you can see the most beautiful coastal sceneries, Puerto de Málaga, only takes 20 minutes. Going to Picasso Museum Malaga to see some of Picasso’s best works will only take 30 minutes. Exploring Alcazaba, the most iconic landmark in the city, is around a 27-minute drive.

For Your Aircraft

Málaga’s busy airport has a 10,499-ft [~3,200 meters] long runway. This runway is able to handle any type of aircraft. This facility offers aircraft maintenance. All you have to do is let the Jetex team know to get everything arranged for your journey.

Permits, Permissions & Slots

Flights traveling to the mystical Málaga will need Overflight and Landing Permits, amongst other documents – such as PPRs. But, you won’t need to worry. The Jetex team can arrange your trip and get your documentation in order so that you can focus on everything that is important to you.

Save on VAT

Domestic or private flights will have to pay VAT on fuel purchases in Spain. However, if the flight is commercial or international, then VAT cannot be applied unless the fuel is bought through a global reseller. In Spain, Jetex is a registered VAT company. This means that your flight classifies for an exemption on VAT. Take advantage of our VAT network by enrolling with us.

For Bookings:
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T2: +34 686 30 84 60

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