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HondaJet Elite – Your New Better-Than-Business-Class Jet

Honda Jet Elite’s unique design, its quiet cabin, and its impressive efficiency have made this exciting newcomer to the market the most delivered jet in its category.  The latest model brings even more improvements and updates that include additional range, upgraded avionics, and interior upgrades to the popular jet.  As the sole sales representative for HondaJet in the Middle East, Jetex is passionate about the advantages of buying a HondaJet Elite private jet.

Where Can HondaJet Elite Take You?

HondaJet Elite is ideal for those frequent, regional trips, especially in the Middle East. Our buyers love this model for business travel from Riyadh to Dubai or Dubai or Mumbai. It’s a fast, safe, efficient and hassle-free way to get to that can’t-miss meeting or negotiation, avoiding the delays and exposure to crowds that commercial air travel brings. Fly from Istanbul to Paris…or Kuwait to Cairo. The possibilities are within your reach with this super light, super efficient, sublime way to get where you need to go.

Aerodynamic Breakthroughs

What makes this jet so special? The HondaJet Elite inherited Honda Aircraft’s aeronautical breakthroughs, including the Over-The-Wing Engine Mount configuration, composite fuselage, and Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) fuselage nose and wing. In addition to these innovations, Honda Aircraft has further refined several aerodynamic technologies, enabling the aircraft to fly farther and with less noise pollution.

About HondaJet

30 years ago Honda Aircraft Company CEO Michimasa Fujino embarked on a passion-project to bring the Honda standard of innovative engineering to private aviation. In 2005 the first model, the HA-420 HondaJet launched and brought with it what is now synonymous with HondaJet – Over-The-Wing Engine Mounts (OTWEM) and a sleek, glassy exterior.

Designed in Japan, the HondaJet is manufactured in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. In 2017 the HondaJet was the most delivered business jet in the “very light jet” (VLJ) category – totaling 43 aircraft sold. Launched in 2018 the HondaJet Elite has a range of upgrades and enhancements, that satisfy pilot and passengers alike.

The future of Honda Aircraft is promising, later this year there are plans to expand their production facilities at their Greensboro factory. The expansion will accommodate wing assembly and parts storage, as the firm aims to increase production from 37 to 50 aircraft. There are also plans to open a second flight simulator for pilot training in France or the UK.

HondaJet Elite Interior

HondaJet Elite Interior

On the Outside

Even to an aircraft novice, it’s easy to see differences in comparison with other jets in the same class. Firstly, the industry leading Over-The-Wing Engine Mounts (OTWEM) – a term coined by Honda for the engines mounted above the wing. The reason behind the patented transformation? A reduction in aerodynamic drag which in turn leads to greater fuel efficiency, but also improvements for passenger experience. As well as reducing cabin noise the change affords a larger cabin and additional aft baggage compartment.

Other subtle changes have been made to improve the overall aerodynamics. The mid aileron fence and small triangle vortex generators have been removed from the winglet as well as a smaller skid plate. The HondaJet Elite range is also improved with the addition of a larger center fuel tank providing up to 90 pounds of additional fuel. That increases possible range from 1,400 miles to 1,650, with less noise pollution.

The characteristic design associated with the HondaJet Elite is not just a superfluous design feature, it also helps to enhance the aerodynamics – particularly the Natural Laminar Flow (NLF). The term describes the airflow over a portion of the wing decreasing in the direction of flow is laminar – moving in the same direction with minimal or no cross-over of air streams. Put simply, air moves quickly and smoothly over the wing to reduce drag and therefore cut fuel consumption. The top of the wing is made from one single piece of aluminium, greatly improving the NLF.

Moving to the engine, the HondaJet Elite is powered by a pair of GE Honda HF120 turbofan engines. Each produces 2,050 pounds of thrust and is the only jet in production with this engine.

All of these small aerodynamic changes help to contribute to best-in class fuel efficiency. The HondaJet Elite burns less than 90 gallons an hour while cruising at Mach 0.70-0.72. This range could take you from Dubai to Addis Ababa in one tank.

Inside the Cockpit

Heading to the flight deck, pilots will find a highly customized Garmin® G3000 avionics suite and three 14.1-inch high-definition displays. The HondaJet Elite can be captained by one pilot if required. The displays are clear and simple to use, no noise or vibrations are produced from the instruments which makes for a calm flight deck experience.

The improvements found in the cockpit have been developed to improve safety and pilot experience.

  • Roll and angle of attack (AoA) functions enhance safety features for manual flying by implementing roll angle and angle of attack functions in the automatic flight control system (AFCS). This will deter aircraft operation outside the flight envelope.
  • AoA indicator provides more enhanced pilot low-speed awareness by offering a pilot-selectable AoA indicator that is fully integrated with the HondaJet’s stall protection system (SFIPS).
  • Take-off⁄landing distance (TOLD) management provides automatic calculation of required runway length, ff-speeds and climb⁄approach gradients.
  • Garmin’s Flight Stream 510 functionality is implemented and allows the flight crew to share flight plan data, primary flight data, and weather data between the Garmin G3000 and a personal device using the Garmin pilot app.

HondaJet Interior

As a passenger on board the HondaJet Elite there are plenty of updated features to enhance your journey. Control the cabin settings from a touch or a swipe of your smartphone or a built-in touchpad controller.

The HondaJet Elite features a speaker-less in-cabin sound system by Bongiovi Aviation. Integrated into the interior panel it gives passengers an immersive experience throughout the cabin, adapting to various flight conditions. Noise is further reduced by an interesting innovation – honeycomb inlets to reduce and attenuate cabin noise.

Hondajet Elite Cabin

Hondajet Elite Cabin

The cabin also enjoys a range of amenities not found in other jets of the same class. A gourmet coffee maker in the galley will please caffeine lovers and an aft lavatory with washbasin and skylight affords added comfort while travelling. If customers aim to maximize seating, the galley can be switched out for an extra seat, and if required the belted lavatory converts to a seat. Flying with one pilot will take the total passengers to 7 in this formation.

HondaJet Sales

Our experienced and knowledgeable HondaJet Sales team, based in Dubai, are ready to answer any questions or queries you may have about the HondaJet Elite. Contact for more information.