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HondaJet: Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Own A Private Jet

Very Light Jet HondaJet Elite

Having your own HondaJet gives you all the benefits of private air travel – from the freedom to fly whenever you decide, to the added assurance of doing so in guaranteed comfort, enhanced safety and complete privacy. With travel regulations constantly changing and concerns over public health and safety, the exclusivity and flexibility that private jet travel offers are more advantageous than ever.

1. Spend more time on what matters to you.

Traveling by a private jet means avoiding queues at commercial airport terminals – from the long lines at the check-in counter, baggage drop-off and collection, to immigration, aircraft boarding and disembarkation.

Skipping these time-consuming processes means you can arrive at the airport 15 minutes prior to departure and breeze through the formalities. Private jet travel works around your own schedule – and you will never happen to miss a flight again.

2. Enjoy safe travel away from the crowd.

HondaJet Cabin

With social distancing being the current norm, private jet travel offers ample space to do so. Aboard the aircraft, you enjoy bigger cabin space, ample legroom and share the aircraft with only a few other passengers.

Additionally, private jet passengers enjoy access to dedicated private terminals which turn traveling into a seamless and luxurious experience. Lighter jets like HondaJet Elite make it possible to arrive or depart at smaller airports, which are less busy and crowded.

3. Travel the world in absolute comfort and privacy.

Private jets provide enhanced cabin comfort and privacy which set them apart from premium cabins offered by commercial airlines. HondaJet seats are fully adjustable, covered with high-quality leather and complemented by ergonomic tables for working or dining.

The breakthrough design of HondaJet includes a unique Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) configuration which works with a noise-attenuating engine to significantly reduce noise emissions, enabling a quieter and more relaxing flight.

With the HondaJet Cabin Management System, passengers can create their ideal cabin environment through mobile device-controlled sound, climate and lighting systems.

4. Reach greater distances effortlessly.

HondaJet Avionics

HondaJet has achieved exemplary fuel efficiency through a combination of design modifications: lighter composite fuselage, advanced aerodynamics and Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) technology to reduce aerodynamic drag, as well as the pioneering OTWEM set-up.

These adjustments reduce fuel consumption by an average of 8,250 gallons per year and deliver up to 25-30% higher fuel efficiency than any other aircraft in its class.

Jetex: Exclusive HondaJet Dealer

As the sole representative of HondaJet in the region, Jetex offers universal support and technical know-how to clients who are interested in owning or operating a HondaJet. To learn more or make a private appointment, please contact the HondaJet Sales Team at