Fusion Flight Following, Jetex

Introducing a new significant feature to our trip planning service. Flight Following uses real-time weather and airspace data to reduce the impact of disruptive events on your journey.

This global view allows our team to optimize operations and communicate directly with the aircraft’s crew, assisting in real-time decision making.

How will Flight Planning benefit you?

  • Proactive monitoring ensures weather and unexpected events do not adversely impact the journey – our team can organize a new route and necessary permits, additional ground support, as well as assist with any emergency requests
  • Real time communication with crew to ensure fast decision making to reduce the effect on operations
  • You can be sure of accurate information – flight data is integrated from multiple sources, including Surface: ASDE-X; FAA ASDI: USA, CAN, UK, Oceanic; EUROCONTROL: CFMU/EFD; ADS-B, MLAT internationally; and customer data from ACARS, and SATCOM.
  • Helps minimize fuel consumption and risk of returning to gate for fuel
  • Improve safety for passengers and crew

If you need a trip planning service, Jetex can support your journey with:

  • Obtaining Overflight Permits
  • Flight Planning
  • Entry & Landing Permits
  • Ground Handling
  • Fuel Service
  • Passenger & Crew Transportation

To find out more about Flight Planning and Jetex’s Trip Planning services, please speak to your Account Manager or get in touch below:

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