COPP 22 event in Marrakech Morocco

Delegates from across the globe will gather in Morocco next month for an important summit on climate change. The COP22 is set to take place at Bab Ighli, Marrakech from November 7 – 18, 2016.

COP stands for “Conference of the Parties”. This is the official title given to the annual gathering of the supreme decision-making body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The UNFCCC international treaty was signed during 1992’s Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, and entered into force in 1994. The summit was relocated to Bonn in 1995, following the first Conference of the Parties (COP1) in Berlin. There have been 21 COPs since then, with the most recent taking place in Paris last December. Today, there are 197 parties to the convention (196 individual states, plus the European Union).

The 2015 Paris Agreement marked a new chapter in global climate change efforts, with all parties agreeing for the first time to report regularly on their emissions and implementation progress. Crucially, this reporting will also be subject to international review. At COP22, preparations will begin for bringing the Paris Agreement into force.

Governments will make concerted efforts to support domestic action that meets the terms of the Paris Agreement. One of the key objectives is to stabilize the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at a level that will prevent further interference with the global ecosystem. Delegates will also endeavor to put measures in place for a new technology framework and an enhanced capacity building framework. Additional support will be extended to developing countries and countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, in line with their own national objectives.

Important progress was made with COP21, and COP22 will focus on action items in order to achieve the priorities of the Paris Agreement. These measures reflect the UNFCCC’s ultimate goal of preserving the environment for the benefit of present and future generations.

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COP22 Eco-village

Located on avenue Mohammed VI, Bab Ighli was historically the main entrance to the city of Marrakech. Developed as an eco-village, the COP22 site will have a neutral carbon footprint. Environment-friendly exterior lighting will also be employed to maintain optimal energy efficiency.

The site is divided into two zones. The “Blue Zone” spans over 150,000m2 and will consist of 2 plenary rooms, 30 conference and meeting rooms for negotiators and 10 meeting rooms reserved for observers. This area will be accessible only for those with accreditation from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat.

The second zone will be reserved for non-state actors, NGOs, private companies, state institutions and organizations. This section will also include spaces dedicated to exhibitions and restaurants, as well as an entry plaza for heads of state and extensive parking facilities.

Jetex in Morocco

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