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Ensure Smooth Operations with Jetex Trip Planning

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An award-winning global leader in executive aviation, Jetex provides holistic trip planning solutions to ensure optimal and efficient operations for its clients.

From finding optimal routes and coordinating flights, to securing permits and arranging full dispatch solutions, Jetex manages all elements of private jet operations anywhere in the world.

2019 Jetex trip planning in figures:

  • 43,164 handling requests;
  • 73,122 overflight permits;
  • 12,500 landing permits;
  • 42,500 fuel uplifts;
  • 6,921 dispatch packages

Excellence in all aspects of operations

With Jetex looking after all flight requirements, clients can enjoy the same standard of excellence across every segment of their private jet operations globally.

From take-off to landing, Jetex provides up-to-date weather briefings and notice to airmen (NOTAMs), as well as real-time support from Operations Centers strategically based in Beijing, Dubai and Miami for a truly global coverage.

Jetex efficiently manages all documentation, including permits, clearances and flight planning and filing.

Using their knowledge in country regulations and industry procedures, Jetex teams help operators understand rules and policies of every destination, helping to avoid inconveniences which may cause delays along the way. In addition, Jetex closely monitors global routes and situations, keeping aircrew informed of possible disruptions and ensuring optimal solutions.

On the ground, Jetex arranges aircraft maintenance and logistics which ensure that all ground handling needs are catered on-time and with excellence.

Jetex Trip Planning Solutions at a Glance:

  • Flight planning, real-time tracking and coordination;
  • ATC flight plan filing;
  • Computerized flight plans and optimized routes;
  • Permits, clearances, slots and aircraft parking;
  • Full dispatch packages, including updated weather briefings and NOTAMs;
  • Visa application process and travel insurance;
  • Arranging hotels and accommodation, transportation and security.

For trip planning solutions that ensure maximum operational efficiency and value, tap into the industry-leading expertise of Jetex.


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