Wherever your travels take you, you can always be assured of having access to premium jet fuel anywhere and anytime with Jetex.

With a fuel network comprising more than 600 certified and internationally recognized suppliers, Jetex can fuel your journey even in the most remote and exotic locations, while ensuring the most competitive rates in the market.

Leveraging the extensive international footprint, Jetex provides reliable fuel services at more than 3,500 airports and over 6,000 fuel supply points globally.

Why Choose Jetex Fuel Services?

Source all your aviation fuel needs in one place

Jetex has built direct contractual relationships with key local and international fuel suppliers to provide clients the most favorable pricing and consistent supply of high-quality aviation fuel, including Jet A-1, TS1, JP8, AvGas and more. With no excess fees added, it offers significant cost savings to its diverse clientele, which includes operators, private jet owners and charter companies.

As the fuel provider of choice in executive aviation, Jetex offers clients the opportunity to source all their aviation fuel needs through a single point of contact, streamlining processes, removing inefficiencies and adding value to operations.

Benefit from a transparent and streamlined payment scheme

Jetex puts high value on the trust it has earned with its clients. Transparent and straightforward payment process ensure clients can readily see their invoices in clear and defined terms.

For operators in Europe, eligible clients can enjoy a hassle-free VAT-compliant invoicing system through the Jetex VAT Exemption Program, available across 18 European countries. Clients can request for VAT exemption when they pre-arrange fuel with their representative.

Enjoy around-the-clock support from an expert team

The Jetex Fuel Team is always available to provide clients with up-to-date fuel prices. Through the Jetex APP, available for desktop and mobile devices, clients can also access live fuel prices to reduce the risk of fluctuating fuel costs.

The Fuel Team offers unique and exclusive credit and insurance programs to tailor a solution to your unique fuel requirements. From providing around-the-clock support to managing the entire logistics of fuel uplifts, Jetex fuel specialists will ensure your aircraft is refueled on time and ready for the next destination.


Jetex Fuel Team


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