The global fashion month for Fall/Winter collections culminates at Paris Fashion Week, the finale of the Big Four fashion events, on February 24 to March 3, 2020.

Considered as the most extravagant and glamorous, Paris Fashion Week features a roster of iconic fashion houses and illustrious brands, including Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Westwood, Saint Laurent, Balmain, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen and Junko Shimada.

If you are flying to Paris for the glitzy event, here are the details you need for your private flight operations.


Paris Le Bourget [LBG, LFPB]

Paris Le Bourget Airport is a dedicated general aviation airport located about 11.1 miles (18 kilometers) from the city center, making it easy for passengers and crew to access the capital.

Slots and Prior Permission Required are not needed and no parking restrictions apply. LFPB operates from 0600 to 2215 LT for departure but is open 24/7 for arrival.

Jetex Paris Le Bourget FBO

With a luxury FBO located at Paris Le Bourget Airport, Jetex France can efficiently provide all flight support solutions for your business jet operation to/from Paris, including refueling, in-flight catering, aircraft parking, and more.

Relax in our exceptional lounge before you head over to the city, or enjoy a moment of serenity and refreshment before you get on your next flight. Send us a message at to arrange your private jet operations.

Paris Charles de Gaulle [CDG, LFPG]

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is the biggest international airport in France and the second busiest airport in Europe, with facilities for General Aviation operations.

LFPG is open from 0500 to 2359 LT for departure and from 0530 to 0029 LT for arrival. Aircraft can still operate during the night ban, when night slots are arranged upon operation.

Slots are required at LFPG, and parking is limited to 24 hours due to congestion. Located about 18.6 miles (30 kilometers) from the city center, LFPG is accessible via a direct highway and TGV rail services. Helicopter transfers can also be arranged.

Paris Orly [ORY, LFPO]

Paris Orly Airport is the second major international airport in Paris, but the busiest airport in France for domestic traffic. LFPO allows general aviation operations, but slots are required and parking is limited to 24 hours due to airport congestion.

Located 9.3 miles (15 kilometers) from the city center, LFPO can be accessed by freeways, buses and train.

Pontoise Cormeille-en-Vexin [POX, LFPT]

Pontoise Cormeille-en-Vexin Aerodrome is an airport situated 4.3 miles (7 kilometers) away from Pontoise and 24 miles (40 kilometers) from Paris. LFPT supports different aviation activities, including business and general aviation, with a 24/7 operations team available.

LFPT is a non-coordinate slot aiport with available parking. Air traffic service (ATS) operating hours run from 0900 to 2000 LT, Monday to Sunday. These are communicated via NOTAM. Outside ATS hours, communication is available in French only.

LFPT is only open to Schengen flights with aircraft with maximum take-off weight below 17T. The latter restriction can be waived thanks to a derogation from the French CAA. The airport is accessible by car, train, bus and taxi. Helicopter transport is also available.


Handling is mandatory in LFPB, LFPG, LFPO and LFPT. Jetex provides ground handling to any aircraft in all of these airports. To avoid delays on fuel delivery, we recommend sending a request in advance. Contact for premium fuel at competitive rates.


LFPB, LFPG, LFPO and LFPT are all accessible via private car, train, bus and coach. Jetex can arrange any ground transportation requirement for both passengers and crew from and to any of these airports, including chauffeured limousines. Motorbike taxis can also be arranged in Paris to avoid traffic jams, if needed.


Overflight and landing permits are required for non-Schengen operators planning to operate to France. Private operators with non-commercial flights are exempted from these requirements. The permits can be obtained within a lead time of four business days. Jetex can arrange permits on your behalf, if needed.

The French Civil Aviation Authority (Direction Générale de L’aviation Civile, DGAC) is open from Monday to Friday, 0900 to 1800 LT. Outside the operating hours, permits are only issued for urgent flights, including medevac.

Once an application for permit is approved, a confirmation will be sent. However, it is not mandatory to include the confirmation in your flight plan.


As instructed by the French Government, operators must submit a complete General Declaration (GENDEC) – including places of birth – before flying to France.


The type of visa required depends on the duration and purpose of stay in France. For information on Schengen visas and entry requirements to France, please refer to this link.


Paris is famous for its luxury hotels, such as Ritz Paris, Hôtel de Crillon, Le Bristol Paris, Four Seasons George V,  Mandarin Oriental Paris and many other. Jetex can facilitate hotel arrangements for passengers and crew. Send us a message at and we will be pleased to prepare a list of hotel options for you.


With 17 locations and a nationwide presence in France, Jetex can meet all your trip planning, flight support and physical supervisory needs anywhere in the country. Contact Jetex France at +33 1 74 37 25 67.