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Overflight Fees In Asia Pacific

Many countries in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region charge fees for overflying their airspace even if you are not landing in their country. Think of these as user fees for air traffic control and navigation services. Overflight fees are usually assessed according to aircraft maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) and vary from country to country.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Doc 7100, The Tariffs for Airports and Air Navigation Services, lists airport and air navigation services charges (including overflight fees if any), for each of its member countries. Unless otherwise noted, the fees listed here are from the 2012 edition, so please check with your Jetex representative for the most updated fee information.


Cambodia assesses overflight charges ranging from 66 to 476 USD according to MTOW.


The Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) of China lists the current overflight fees. As of the January 16, 2017 AIP update, China assesses overflight fees for foreign aircraft (including those registered in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) at a flat rate per kilometer. Rates for overflying the SANYA AOR are significantly lower.

Note that these fees do not apply when overflying the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao, which have their own aeronautical rules and fees (although Macao does not assess overflight charges). Also, China does not permit any aircraft flying to or from Taiwan to overfly the Chinese land mass. No direct flights between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland are permitted.

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region assesses an overflight fee equal to a flat rate per nautical mile flown.


India calculates overflight fees through a formula that multiplies a weight factor, distance factor, and fixed rate; and then adds a second fixed charge.


Route air navigation services (RANS) fees are assessed on all aircraft operating in the airspace within 90NM south of Singapore up to FL 370. The actual charge is based on a formula using the aircraft weight factor and distance factor.


Japan assesses a flat fee for aircraft overflying within the QNH line, and a lower flat fee for aircraft overflying other Japanese Flight Information Regions (FIRs).

North Korea

Overflight fees are assessed in Euros according to MTOW. A second Meteorological Services charge is also assessed. Exercise extreme caution when overflying North Korea due to lack of advance warning prior to military ballistic missile test launches.


The Philippines assesses overflight charges based on the distance flown within the Manila FIR divided by 100, then multiplied by a weight factor.

Russian Federation

The Russian Federation assesses overflight charges ranging from 63.6 USD for aircraft up to 50 metric tons to 115.5 USD for aircraft over 400 metric tons.

South Korea

Aircraft overflying South Korea are assessed two different charges. En-route charges are based on aircraft type and whether the flight is on or off controlled airways. A second fixed Aeronautical Meterological Service charges is also assessed for all aircraft.

Taiwan (Republic of China)

Neither the ICAO Doc 7100 (as of 2012) nor the Taiwan AIP valid 21 Jan 2016 list any air navigation service charges for overflying Taiwan. However, overflight permits are still required.

Contact your Jetex representative for updated overflight charges along your route.

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