As Jetex continues to innovate its solutions to better serve client needs, the leading executive aviation company has partnered with VAT IT to help clients easily recover their taxes on international expenses. Here are three benefits that Jetex clients can enjoy through the company’s VAT IT scheme:

1) Increase VAT recovery by up to 40%

In most cases, VAT can increase aviation-related expenses by 15% to 25%. The partnership with VAT IT, a global leader in cross-border VAT and tax recovery, helps Jetex clients get back as much as 40% of their total flight costs through a swift and efficient VAT recovery solution. This covers jet fuel purchases, ground handling, navigation and other expenses incurred by aircrew. VAT IT can also recover mineral oil tax (MOT) which is added to jet fuel purchases.

2) Maximize all VAT recovery opportunities

With domestic and foreign reclamation services, VAT IT offers more than 32 VAT recovery opportunities that enhance a client’s potential VAT refund yield and generate cost savings on local and overseas travel expenditures.

Because the program offers an aviation-specific solution, Jetex clients can recover all aviation-related taxes on their operating expenses and other services such as real estate, aircraft parking and storage. This industry-focused approach maximizes tax recovery opportunities for general business aviation operators, commercial airlines and corporate owners.

3) Streamline global VAT recovery processes

By implementing a full end-to-end solution, all recoverable VAT and tax expenses can be managed through a single program. This streamlines the VAT reclamation process so clients do not need to deal with different third-party companies or organizations in various countries to manage and complete the process.

The program is available globally, encompassing VAT reclaim solutions for more than 13,000 companies in over 117 different countries. Such global presence ensures clients are fully compliant with VAT regulations while maximizing domestic and foreign VAT reclamation opportunities, especially on related business, travel and entertainment expenses.

Using cutting-edge technology, the program enables automatic calculations of a company’s VAT refund potential, provides comprehensive and high-level reporting for stakeholders, and produces in-depth data analysis to guide decision-making and pinpoint VAT leakage and problem areas.

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