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Dubai’s Most Glamorous Venue for Cigar Lovers

Cigar Lounge: Cigar

Whenever you travel via the Jetex Terminal in Dubai, take a moment to discover the finest selection of world-famous cigars, presented in a bespoke humidor that rises from floor to ceiling and is the glowing heart of the elegantly appointed cigar lounge.

The humidor is full of rare and beautiful cigars. The curated collection includes carefully selected brands from around the world – including the internationally renowned cigars of Cuba to immensely popular cigar brands from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Jamaica and more. From the milder, creamier daytime blends to the more robust, thought provoking and tobacco creations for when the lights go down. Whether it is Cuban or New World cigars, the selection is simply sensational.

Encased in the impeccably climate-controlled environment of the grand humidor, the quality of the cigars is optimally preserved for guests to fully enjoy the rich flavors of the world’s finest and most coveted cigar products.

Fancy a delightful cognac to complement the moment? The Jetex team will be pleased to accommodate any request.Cigar Lounge: Art

Taste the World’s Finest Cigars at Jetex’s Executive Lounge

At Jetex, it is our pleasure to bring the most luxurious experiences to travel connoisseurs. The cigar lounge is one of many exclusive amenities that passengers and crew can enjoy at the modern and elegant facility.

Whether you wish to have a quick break before your flight or you want to spend a leisurely time while we take care of your travel arrangements, our world-class FBO offers you everything you need for an exceptional travel experience.

Experience the Jetex Art of Hospitality

From personalized travel itineraries to impeccably arranged private flights, the signature Jetex experience is the pinnacle of luxury, efficiency and attention to detail. Planning to travel soon? Make it exceptional with Jetex. Let our team know your travel requirements at or call us at +971 4 212 4900.