Dear Partners,

At Jetex, we have been monitoring the dramatic spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), which the World Health Organization recently declared a pandemic. Ensuring safety and comfort of our customers, crew and employees has always been our top priority. In response to this emergency, I would like to assure you that Jetex is well-equipped to continue its operations across our global network.

Today, more than ever, we stand by the Jetex brand promise of facilitating smooth and seamless international travel regardless of its complexity. With Europe now becoming the epicenter of the pandemic, Jetex teams are prepared to support our customers with evacuation and any other flights in the affected destinations at any time.

We are taking all necessary precautions to assist with preventing the spread of the virus. Below is an update on what we are doing, keeping your safety top of mind:

Operational Support 
  • Operation centers in Miami, Dubai and Beijing remain available 24/7 and have been briefed on the importance of business continuity for our customers and partners. Jetex teams in China, Italy, France and Spain continue working hard to provide the most viable solutions to all customers. All our teams are well-trained to deal with this emergency situation while following all the necessary precautions.
  • Jetex continues to monitor volatile fuel prices across the globe to ensure that our customers benefit from the best rates available at all times.
  • Jetex Air Ambulance Flight Support offers the assurance that in case of emergency, you can count on reliable operational support for medical and evacuation flights anywhere in the world. Our dedicated team understands the requirements of even the most complicated air ambulance operations and is prepared to assist you whenever required.
Digital Support
  • Our Global Trip Management (GTM) system allows customers to continue managing end-to-end flight operations with a minimum number of staff on duty. We ensure uninterrupted flight operations with 24/7 support from a dedicated Jetex team taking care of all your requirements across the globe.
  • We monitor international and regional travel regulation changes in real time. For the latest update, visit Jetex Blog to stay informed of the latest restrictions and special conditions.
FBO Support
  • We continue to observe the current situation while following all the recommended procedures and testing by the government authorities at each Jetex FBO location.
  • Additional sanitizers have been procured and personal hygiene etiquette has been reinforced throughout all FBOs. Our employees go through daily body temperature checks as a safety precaution. And housekeeping teams have increased the frequency of disinfecting and cleaning all public areas and focus on the high-touch surfaces.
  • More than ever, our FBOs focus on efficiency to avoid crowding and minimize waiting times.

As we continue to work hard to ensure seamless travel for all our customers, I want to thank you in advance for putting your trust in Jetex as you plan for future travels.







Adel Mardini

Founder & CEO