Jetex Air Ambulance Flight Operations facilitates swift and smooth operations which ensure clients can access immediate medical care in times of emergencies.

Since 2005, Jetex has been helping numerous government agencies and private entities to execute medical evacuation missions and medically escorted repatriations around the world, even in remote locations and hard-to-reach areas. In 2019 alone, Jetex facilitated more than 1,000 medical flights worldwide.

This achievement reflects the company’s steadfast commitment to provide its customers and partners with the assurance and peace of mind that, in case of crucial unforeseen circumstances, they may count on global around-the-clock medevac operations support.

Complete suite of operational solutions for medevac flights

Jetex has a dedicated Operations Team with extensive experience in arranging even the most complicated air ambulance flights.

With their in-depth understanding of the unique processes and nuances of medevac operations, which include specialized international requirements and policies, the Jetex Operations Team consistently guarantees seamless and rapid turnaround for medical flights.

Through Operation Centers in Beijing, Dubai and Miami, Jetex manages all services related to aeromedical flights:

  • Full-time operational support for private, commercial and government medical flights
  • Mission consultation and trip planning
  • Complete dispatch solutions, including flight planning, weather briefing and NOTAMs
  • Ground handling and global fuel supply
  • Overflight permits and permissions even for short-notice flights
  • Global logistics support for any aircraft on the ground

Expert coordination of medical support and equipment

For aeromedical flights which require specialized medical assistance, Jetex can find the appropriate aircraft complete with the necessary medical equipment, such as intensive care units, person isolation units, respirators, incubators and much more.

Jetex provides full coordination of medical support:

  • Ambulance services, medical oxygen, medical staff and access to ramps
  • Ground transportation to hospitals, medical facilities, accommodation and airports
  • Security services for VIP passengers and high-profile operations
  • Hotel arrangements for passengers, crew and medical staff


Jetex Medevac Support

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