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Jetex Provides Unmatched Support for Medical, Evacuation And Cargo Flights

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The Jetex Air Ambulance Flight Operations offers you the assurance and peace of mind that, in cases of emergency, you can count on reliable 24/7 operational support for medical evacuation flights anywhere in the world.

Since 2005, our Air Ambulance Flight Support Solutions have helped government agencies and private entities to execute their missions and access immediate medical care. Our dedicated Operations Team understands the unique processes and nuances of even the most complicated air ambulance operations, including the specialized requirements and rapid turnaround required for medical flights.

Jetex will support your medical aviation operations with:

  • Mission planning and consultation
  • Full dispatch services including flight planning, weather briefing and NOTAMs
  • Ground handling at domestic and international airports and even in remote areas
  • Fuel uplift at airports and supply points worldwide
  • Overflight permits and permissions including urgent or short-notice flights
  • Coordination of ambulance services, medical oxygen and access to ramps
  • Ground transportation to hospitals, accommodation, airports, etc.
  • Security services for high-profile passengers and operations
  • Accommodation for crew, passengers and medical personnel
  • Logistics support for any aircraft on the ground globally

With our own world-class international FBO network and global presence, Jetex can guarantee seamless and efficient operations for any medevac flight, wherever it needs to be.


At Jetex, we are committed to enabling safe and seamless flights even in the most challenging times.

Whether you need to bring your family home or you need to relocate your employees, the Jetex Operations Team can swiftly make all the necessary arrangements to ensure they reach their destination in utmost comfort, safety and luxury.

Jetex Evacuation Charter services offer better flexibility by giving you access to international, regional and dedicated business aviation airports. Building on this extensive network, our team can efficiently strategize an evacuation flight charter using the safest and most optimal routes to bring passengers to a safe and secure location. With our global presence, Jetex can quickly organize evacuation flights anywhere, including ­­remote and challenging areas.

Our evacuation flight charter service includes:

  • Flight planning and trip coordination
  • Permissions and full dispatch services
  • Chauffeured ground transportation
  • Luxury hotel accommodation
  • Ground handling and fuel uplift services worldwide
  • In-flight catering
  • Private security services

Our Operations Team possesses years of experience working with governments, non-government organizations and corporate establishments to execute evacuation and repatriation charter flights, allowing us to act fast and efficiently navigate special procedures for a smooth and successful operation.

From securing special permissions to providing seamless ground and flight support, Jetex provides fast-tracked services to ensure time-critical repatriation charters are executed urgently in full compliance with travel regulations.


Our Jetex Cargo Flight Charter Service facilitates the safe transport and careful handling of valuable goods, essential supplies, heavy and outsize items, and sensitive cargo. Our knowledgeable team will find the right aircraft for your requirements, considering the volume and type of goods and intended destination.

From humanitarian aid and relief goods to medical supplies and time-sensitive products, our Operations Team can expedite the ­transport of your goods, keeping your business and operations going.

Jetex can bring your cargo anywhere with our comprehensive cargo charter services:

  • Trip planning, coordination and cost estimation
  • Clearances, permits and handling services
  • On-the-ground support, including security and personnel
  • Global coverage including remote locations
  • Flight monitoring and tracking
  • Customer Service Team on standby

Our cargo flight charter services have benefitted numerous industries over the years, including automotive, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, medical and humanitarian organizations. Leveraging our global network and comprehensive cargo charter solutions, our clients streamline the transportation of goods and equipment while generating savings in cost, time and manpower.

Enjoy the Jetex Power of Access

Jetex Operations Centers in Miami, Dubai and Beijing will ensure 24/7 support of your flight. Contact our team at or +971 4 212 4000 for medical, evacuation and cargo flight support.