The COVID-19 outbreak has shaken the world and is continuously spreading with little signs of slowing down. Vaccination may be the only effective and economical option to slow down the virus and end the pandemic. As such many pharmaceutical companies and research organisations are striving towards achieving a viable vaccine. There are currently several vaccines in phase three clinical trials and two that have been approved for full use. Now with a vaccine in sight, thoughts are now turning to how it will be distributed.

Delivering billions of doses of a vaccine that must be transported and stored in a deep-frozen state to the entire world efficiently will involve hugely complex logistical challenges across the supply chain. Air cargo plays a key role in the distribution of vaccines in normal times through well-established global time- and temperature-sensitive distribution systems.

With the global route network reduced dramatically from the pre-COVID 22,000 city pairs, governments need to re-establish air connectivity to ensure adequate capacity is available for vaccine distribution. Just providing a single dose to 7.8 billion people would fill 8,000 Boeing 747 cargo aircraft.

Jetex Cargo Flight Charter Service can facilitate the safe transport and careful handling of sensitive cargo, including the COVID-19 vaccine. Our knowledgeable team will find the right aircraft for your requirements, considering the volume and intended destination.

Jetex can bring COVID-19 vaccine cargo anywhere with our comprehensive cargo charter services:

  • Trip planning, coordination and cost estimation
  • Clearances, permits and handling services
  • On-the-ground support, including security and personnel
  • Global coverage including remote locations
  • Flight monitoring and tracking
  • Customer Service Team on standby

Our cargo flight charter services have benefited numerous industries over the years, including automotive, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, medical, and humanitarian organizations. Leveraging our global network and comprehensive cargo charter solutions, our clients streamline the transportation of goods and equipment while generating savings in cost, time, and manpower.

Enjoy the Jetex Power of Access

With years of experience in transporting cargo and Jetex has the capacity and infrastructure to facilitate efficient vaccine transportation worldwide. Its experts in operations centers in Beijing, Dubai and Miami monitor international travel regulations and ensure the most optimal solutions at all times. Contact our team at or +971 4 212 4000 for medical, evacuation and cargo flight support.