jetex-private-flight-arrangementAs more countries re-open for air travel, passengers and aircrew are paying more attention to the way they travel, with a stronger focus on health and safety. Private aviation rises to the challenge by providing increased safety and other benefits that are more valuable and advantageous than ever before.

1. Safety

Private jet travel provides a safer way to fly by reducing the passengers’ exposure to health and security risks. Passengers flying via a commercial airline go through 700 touchpoints on every flight, whereas private jet travelers only encounter 20 touchpoints, according to analysis by GlobeAir AG, a leading European very light jet (VLJ) operator.

This means the potential risk for contagion is 30 times lower in private aviation than commercial travel. In addition, private jet travelers enjoy the privilege of using private terminals where they can relax before their flight, without the hustle and bustle of commercial airline terminals.

With the limited number of passengers at private terminals, both personnel and travelers interact with only a few people, further minimizing their exposure to health risks.

2. Value

Private charter has become more affordable in the recent years, with private flight costs going down by 30% to 50%, bringing them closer than ever to the rates of first class and business class tickets on commercial carriers.

Frequent flyers who accumulate at least 150 flight hours a year and those who travel in large groups, can enjoy cost savings over time with private travel than regularly flying in premium cabins.

According to a market study by Avinode, a Swedish business-to-business technology company focusing on business aviation, chartering a super midsize private jet to fly from New York to Miami would previously amount to $20,000. Today, one can book it for around $10,000. Since a super midsize jet can accommodate up to 10 passengers, the total charter price translates to roughly $1,000 to $1,200 per passenger.

Additionally, private jet charter companies, fractional ownership programs, as well as jet card memberships allow travelers to fly privately on-demand, which removes the cost of full aircraft ownership and makes private air travel more affordable.

For corporate executives and entrepreneurs whose time is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, having their own private jets to fly as they wish is more practical than losing hours and money waiting at busy airports – which highlights the next biggest advantage of flying private: time.

3. Time

Commercial fliers spend around 90 minutes at airports for domestic flights and up to three hours for international flights – and that is just for a one-way trip.

Private jet travel removes all that waiting time so passengers can opt to arrive at the terminal 15 minutes before departure and complete travel procedures like immigration, customs and boarding in mere minutes.

For business moguls and executives, flying by a private jet allows maximizing their hours onboard by keeping productive and staying on top of their businesses – and with people whose time is as valuable as money, this means generating profits even while flying.

Private travel also gives you the freedom and flexibility to fly according to your own schedule, which is ideal for travelers who are always on the go or those who need to fly within short notice. Private aircraft can be arranged in a few hours and passengers can reschedule their flight according to their specific needs. During the time when travel policies constantly change, the agility of private travel is more beneficial than ever, especially with critical medical and repatriation flights.

4. Privacy and Security

Private travel offers unmatched privacy, which makes it the preferred way of travel for many athletes, celebrities, government figures and other prominent personalities. From the private terminal to the aircraft, passengers can rest assured that their privacy is respected and protected, and they can travel away from curious eyes.

For ultra-high-net-worth individuals and businesspeople who keep working while traveling, private jets offer them the space and peace of mind that they can pore over sensitive information and documents in a secure environment, without the risk of people eavesdropping and corporate espionage.

5. Comfort and Amenities

Private jets feature outstanding amenities that are often far more luxurious than commercial airlines’ first class suites. From spacious cabin space and plush leather seats, to a master bedroom and en-suite shower, private jets offer the finest in air travel for an exceptionally comfortable and relaxing flight.

Since passengers have the entire cabin to themselves, they can freely bring their pets with them, as well as all their travel necessities, including liquids, and maximize the practically unlimited luggage capacity.

Topping off the superb experience is a premium selection of gourmet catering complemented by the latest in-flight entertainment systems, attention and personalized service from cabin crew and private terminal staff.

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