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Jetex Sustainability
Jetex is fully aware of its responsibility towards the natural environment and to future generations and pursues a comprehensive environmental strategy.

Jetex is committed to minimizing its environmental impact to help build a more sustainable future. The company operates intelligently and ensure that its team actively promotes sustainability and contributes to the overall success of the organization.

Air transport is a global catalyst for growth, providing access to markets, creating jobs and promoting tourist travel. In addition to its many positive economic effects, though, air transport does have a negative impact on the natural environment. Jetex is fully aware of its environmental responsibilities, however, and makes great efforts to minimize the impact on the climate of its business and operations.
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Forging a Sustainable Path

Jetex has made sustainable development a strategic priority, closely aligned with IATA's objective to reduce the aviation industry's carbon emissions++ by 50% by 2050.

In 2022, Jetex announced the world's first pure green FBO, invested in advanced technologies to drive efficiency, secured partnerships to support sustainable aviation fuel and carbon capture development, eagerly anticipated the delivery of their first all-electric aircraft, and supported the development of hydrogen as an alternative fuel source.
As a responsible member of the executive aviation industry, Jetex has made its own inroads into lowering CO2 emissions by offering a tree-planting program to offset carbon impact, providing guests with the option to use sustainable aviation fuel, developing eVTOL Urban Air Mobility systems and partnering with Volocopter GmbH, creating the world's first pure green FBO, and installing electric-driven equipment for airside operations.
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Sustainability Operational Measures

Operational Measures

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and Offsetting

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Sustainability Carbon Neutral

Carbon-Neutral Air Travel Offers

Jetex is continuously developing products and solutions that enable their corporate clients and their private customers to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions generated by their air travel activities through the purchase of SAF or to offset such emissions by investing in the climate protection projects. Jetex has partnered with Shell to offer customers a carbon offsetting option. Jetex's sustainability policy not only supports their environmental goals but also drives competitiveness by improving their business processes and delivering the highest level of luxury and service to their customers worldwide.