Priced at AED 240,000 for up to 10 passengers, Jetex offers the fastest and most convenient match day private jet service between Dubai and Doha.

Jetex offers families, groups of friends or corporate clients the most seamless way of flying through its award-winning Jetex VIP Terminal and a dedicated fleet of private jets.

Avoiding the hassle of commercial airports, passengers can travel on their own schedule, enjoying the freedom to choose their own departure and arrival timings.

The package includes:

  • Immediate boarding at Jetex VIP Terminal in Dubai;
  • Jetex private lounge for those wishing to enjoy the private terminal facilities;
  • Dedicated Jetex team looking after the flight;
  • Tailored in-flight gourmet menu;
  • Expedited airport formalities in Doha;
  • Valet parking at Jetex VIP Terminal;
  • Industry-leading hygiene and safety standards.

Jetex Premier Experience also offers preferential rates for luxury hotels, as well as limousine service both in Dubai and Doha, to ensure its customers enjoy a seamless travel experience.

Fly like a winner to Doha with the exclusive private jet travel package from Jetex, available from 20 November to 18 December 2022.

The rate is subject to slot availability and may fluctuate depending on the time of confirmation.

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Disclaimer: neither this announcement nor any related materials and publications of Jetex intend to create or indicate the existence of any commercial association with FIFA. Jetex is not a sponsor, licensee, partner of FIFA or holder of any IP rights related to FIFA or World Cup. This announcement is meant merely to indicate the geographical location and timing of one of many flight packages offered by Jetex.

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