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Global 7500
The Global 7500 is a unique aircraft and great choice for unlocking the world with its largest, longest range and performance.

The interior design is just incredible and the minute you enter onboard, you will notice Bombardier’s attention to details such as a maximized cabin space feels more like home than an aircraft interior, featuring 4 distinct cabin zones: a Club Suite, Media Suite, Conference Suite with a 6 seats convertible to a dining table, Master Suite with bed and shower and full size kitchen designed with intent to prepare the industry’s most varied meal selections.

And not only that, Bombardier has made sure to take care of all details from guest’s comfort to crew and that’s why they made a dedicated crew suite well-equipped and private for them to have rest during the long-haul journeys.

Experience luxury and comfort in a personal space that features an unprecedented array of optional furnishings
Manufacturer: Bombardier
Height: 188.98 cm
Speed: 610 mph
Range: 7700 nm

Cabin Specifications

Length: 1661.16 cm
Height: 188.98 cm
Width: 243.84 cm