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Global 5000
At the time of the Global 5000’s release, Bombardier called this masterpiece “the world’s fastest” ultra-long-range private jet. It is designed to be slightly smaller and faster than the Global Express, for those that value reliability and speed, without using the extensive range capabilities of the Express.

Every detail in the Global 5000 aircraft cabin has been carefully designed to bring you the smoothest, most refreshing, and productive experience you can expect from a business jet.

The Global 5000 is one of the most spacious, quietest aircraft in its class also, it has business aviation’s most advanced avionics suite, with ergonomics and aesthetics that provide pilots with outstanding comfort and control, also a fully equipped crew area for them to have a good rest.
Manufacturer: Bombardier
Height: 188.98 cm
Speed: 586 mph
Range: 5200 nm

Cabin Specifications

Length: 1246.63 cm
Height: 188.98 cm
Width: 216.71 cm