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The Gulfstream G650, is one of the most exclusive private jets in the world. It delivers an amazing range of 7,000 nautical miles, and offers a quieter, roomier cabin loaded with advanced technology and adaptability.

Incredible speed, comfort and elegance along with the safety and ability to use most airports, make the G650 a popular choice for long range private jet charter, corporate, individual aircraft owners, military and government.

The first G650 was delivered in 2012, majority are based in the United States, others are in almost every corner of the globe.

It also offers a lower cabin pressure altitude than any other business jet and continuously replenishes fresh air allowing you to arrive well rested and ready for meetings, conferences, and special events.
Manufacturer: Gulfstream
Height: 6038.7 cm
Speed: 652 mph
Range: 7000 nm

Cabin Specifications

Length: 43506.24 cm
Height: 6038.7 cm
Width: 7896.76 cm