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The G550 continues to impress with the iconic beauty and uncompromising performance that helped define modern business aviation. High-thrust Rolls-Royce engines and an outstanding maximum payload allow it to carry more of your essentials for greater distances with a low fuel burn. First introduced on the G550, the Plane View flight deck remains an industry leader in safety.

A reliable balance of performance and tactical adaptability. With its large cabin and award-winning technology, the Gulfstream G550 is an ideal companion for challenging missions.

Gulfstream G550 offers intercontinental range, luxurious comfort, and modern technology. With upgrades such as upgraded avionics, greater fuel efficiency, and improved airfield performance and range, the G550 boasts a spacious cabin, allowing up to sixteen passengers to work productively or to stretch out and relax.
Manufacturer: Gulfstream
Height: 188.06 cm
Speed: 575 mph
Range: 6750 nm

Cabin Specifications

Length: 1526.44 cm
Height: 188.06 cm
Width: 223.42 cm