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The Gulfstream G500 can fly easily non-stop from the Middle East to Europe, Asia and Africa, delivering an optimal balance of speed, maneuverability and comfort that helps passengers maximize every minute of their travel time.

Every aspect of the G500’s design and performance are dedicated to the fastest flight possible. In the cabin, every detail is devoted to providing a uniquely personalized and completely comfortable interior.

Designed to be the quietest in business aviation, the G500 cabin provides a peaceful environment. Arrive alert and refreshed, thanks to 100 percent fresh air and the lowest cabin altitude in the industry.

Outfitted with high-thrust engines and an aerodynamic new wing, the G500 is built for effortless takeoffs and landings. Enjoy access to short runways and high-altitude airports, coupled with increases in efficiency and reductions in emissions.Gulfstream
Manufacturer: Gulfstream
Height: 5945.73 cm
Speed: 703 mph
Range: 5200 nm

Cabin Specifications

Length: 38647.42 cm
Height: 5945.73 cm
Width: 6605.32 cm