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Falcon 8X
Whether you’re flying for business or for pleasure, the Falcon 8X offers an incredibly comfortable ride with high air quality, low noise cabin, also its impressive range and for intercontinental flights and its triple-engine performance for takeoffs utilizing surprisingly short runways.

This beautiful state of the art, has a great cabin features such as two bathrooms, fully equipped galley, spacious cabin extremely comfortable, seating can also be converted into 5 flatbeds for long-distance flights, and an amazing baggage capacity accessible for passengers in order to be refreshed and get ready for meetings or events.

The Falcon 8X is just a great and perfect choice for unforgettable journeys.
Manufacturer: Dassault
Height: 185.93 cm
Speed: 690 mph
Range: 6450 nm

Cabin Specifications

Length: 1304.54 cm
Height: 185.93 cm
Width: 231.65 cm