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Cessna Citation

Citation X
The Citation X is a well-recognized masterpiece in the private Jets world, it is very fast and has an exceptional performance offering an enjoyable and relaxing journey.

The Citation X truly merits all the excitement and hype it has garnered.

It is a versatile jet that can efficiently handle both short trips and international flights, and is unmatched in speed, efficiency and reliability.

The Citation X is the biggest existing member of the Citation family from Cessna, it is just a great choice for your business meetings or a relaxing trip that you wish to experience in a smooth
and safe manner.
Manufacturer: Cessna Citation
Height: 170.69 cm
Speed: 511 kts
Range: 2980 nm

Cabin Specifications

Length: 765.05 cm
Height: 170.69 cm
Width: 167.64 cm