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Cessna Citation

Citation Sovereign
The Citation Sovereign is Cessna’s version of what a business jet should be: comfortable, high-performing, and economical.

The strongest feature of the Sovereign is its range; it has coast-to-coast capabilities, like large jets, but still retains the features that make midsize private jets so advantageous.

It should be noted that Citations are not just popular with passengers, but with pilots too.

The Citation series was designed with the intent of simplifying flight as much as possible.

The systems make sense and flight operations are uncomplicated, resulting in consistently safer, smoother journeys.
Manufacturer: Cessna Citation
Height: 173.74 cm
Speed: 428 kts | 792 kmh
Range: 2643 nm

Cabin Specifications

Length: 771.14 cm
Height: 173.74 cm
Width: 167.64 cm