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Challenger 850
The Challenger 850 aircraft engines are among one of the most reliable in business aviation, passengers can relax and enjoy a complete suite of in-flight entertainment capabilities.

Also, it was created to establish a new class of business aircraft, it provides the flexibility to deliver a great solution for any corporate requirement.

With the longest and widest cabin in its class, the Challenger 850 is the ultimate combination of size, comfort and luxury

The Challenger 850 has a spacious multi-zone cabin and full passenger amenities including the latest inflight advanced technology, full hot galley and large washrooms.

This great invention is the perfect choice for all types of itinerary.
Manufacturer: Bombardier
Height: 185.93 cm
Speed: 528 mph
Range: 2807 nm

Cabin Specifications

Length: 1478.28 cm
Height: 185.93 cm
Width: 249.94 cm