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A318 Elite
The Airbus A318 Elite was launched as a smaller, shorter-range, lower-cost option to the successful A319 ACJ.

Whether you're travelling with colleagues or with family, The A318 is the perfect solution as it is a medium-haul airliner converted to the requirements of VVIP business aviation.

Its cabin can carry up to 18 passengers spread over several spaces decorated with large sofas and precious furniture, offering the comfort which you would really enjoy, and it also provides a lounge, dining area, a private office which converts to a bedroom and bathrooms.

The Airbus A318 Elite allows up to 3 flight attendants to serve you and make you experience the most delicious and healthiest meals.

Its luxurious interior and a service tailored to you, will make your flights the ultimate in exclusive travel.
Manufacturer: Airbus
Height: 222.5 cm
Speed: 850 km/hr
Range: 4200 nm

Cabin Specifications

Length: 2161.03 cm
Width: 368.81 cm
Width: 7896.76 cm