Tokyo Japan

One of the cities bordering with the Tokyo Bay is the world’s most populous metropolitan area and the capital of Japan. This city is Tokyo. The city that homes around 39 million residents also homes our Tokyo Locations.

Before the city became known as Tokyo – the Eastern Capital – it was called Edo. The city’s name was changed when Emperor Meiji moved to Edo from Kyoto in 1868. The Metropolis wasn’t formed until 1943 when the Tokyo Prefecture and city of Tokyo merged.

This captivating city is known for its high buildings that create a wonderous skyline, fascination with technology, and respectful culture. Tokyo offers its visitors with endless lists of things to see and do – from visiting and entering Skytree, the tallest tower in the world, to wandering around Sensoji, the oldest temple in the city, or passing through Tsukiji, the biggest fish market in the world.

There are not many cities around the world that offer its visitors the chance to walk through many Cherry Blossom oases scattered through the city, but Tokyo does. The city has seen a boost in aviation and tourism since winning the bid to host the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Summer Olympics. This would make traveling through one of the primary airports – Haneda Airport [IATA: HND, ICAO: RJTT] or Narita International Airport [IATA: NRT, ICAO: RJAA] – a bit overwhelming. We can get you through either airport faster by streamlining you through our Tokyo Locations.

Landing in Tokyo

Exploring the different countries around the world – whether for business or tourism – is exhilarating and revitalizing. However, abiding by someone else’s schedule is restricting and frustrating. Especially through the Haneda and Narita airports that are always buzzing with passenger movements. So, why not utilize our services to get you there quicker?

Our Tokyo Locations are equipped and ready to handle any of our customers’ requests:

  • Obtaining Overflight Permits
  • Flight Planning
  • Entry & Landing Permits
  • Ground Handling
  • Passenger & Crew Transportation
  • Passenger & Crew Visa Arrangements
  • Passenger & Crew Baggage Arrangements
  • Concierge Services
  • In-flight Catering
  • Executive Lounge
  • Crew Lounge
  • Multilingual Staff
  • Security Services
  • Arrival & Departure Slots

An Unbeatable Location

Navigating through the busy city isn’t difficult. However, getting through the airport terminal quicker means that you reach your destination sooner. Getting to the Sensoji Temple from the Haneda Airport is only a 30-minute drive, and driving to the Fifth Avenue of Tokyo, Ginza, is only 20 minutes. If you’re passing the Narita International Airport, then you could reach the temple in an hour and Ginza in under an hour.

For Your Aircraft

Both the Haneda and Narita airports have adequate runways lengths to accommodate any type of aircraft taking off or landing.

Permits, Permissions & Slots

Flights headed to the fascinating city of Tokyo will have to obtain an Overflight and Landing permits, amongst other documentation, such as PPRs. However, you won’t have to stress. The Jetex team can arrange and organize everything so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

For Bookings:

Haneda Airport: 
T1: +81 3 3747 0420
Narita Airport: 
T1: +87 4 7634 6717

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