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The Super Bowl is an iconic time of year! It’s the game, the skill, the effort, and the dedication – and so much more! It’s a time of year that we all look forward to. Especially, the commercials. It’s possibly the only time of year that we get excited to see a marketing plan play out in front of us. It’s the spark, message, creativity, and humor!

Every game will be on almost every TV in the US and hundreds of other screens all around the world. Every game will have you on the edge of your seat, ready to cheer for your team or have tears rolling down your face. This is precisely the reason why the world’s biggest brands spend time and money to have the perfect commercial playing on every screen because no matter the outcome – a good ad will have you thinking of something different!

Everyone has their own opinions, this is true. But, these commercials are undoubtedly winning the day:

Apple – 1984 Super Bowl Commercial, “1984”

This commercial was only ever aired once on television, and that was during the 3rd quarter of the 1984 Super Bowl football game. Many people that watched this ad suspected that it would be an utter flop. But, the ad was not at all a flop. Mesmerized consumers flooded electronic stores the following week when the Macintosh hit the shelves.

The ad portrayed Apple’s message very clearly: “Think Differently,” and technology will be a game changer.

Pepsi – 1992 Super Bowl Commercial, “Cindy Crawford”

The early 90’s brought life to the “Original Supermodels,” Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, and Tatjana Patitz. It makes sense that the Pepsi company would partner with one of the superstars to promote their product.  An iconic commercial that won’t be easily forgotten, a superstar, a supercar, and the, then, newly designed can.

MacDonald’s – 1993 Super Bowl Commercial, “The Showdown”

The commercial is more than just a little ludicrous, but it was an instant hit. The ad brought together two rivals to keep shooting hoops until one person would miss, whoever misses would have to watch the other eat a Big Mac. Yes, the shots were impossible, but this ad made the saying “nothing but net” famous and has had a few remakes since.

Budweiser – 1995 Super Bowl Commercial, “Singing Frogs”

It’s so simple that it’s brilliant! This famous Singing Frogs ad played on the simple syllables of the word Budweiser. Singing frogs are bound to be a definite win!

Doritos – 2007 Super Bowl Commercial, “Live The Flavor”

This commercial perfectly explains the Doritos flavors. It’s love at first “Doritos” sight, it’s got a concerning storyline, and it makes you cackle – what more does an ad need to do?

Google – 2009 Super Bowl Commercial, “Parisian Love”

This particular ad wasn’t meant to be a commercial to be televised during the Super Bowl. But, after Google saw all the positive reactions from the YouTube ads, the company decided to show it off during the Super Bowl. It is an honest representation of the daily searches people make when they are starting a family.

Old Spice – 2010 Super Bowl Commercial, “The Man, Your Man Could Smell Like”

This is the ad that revolutionized memes. This commercial was shot with a YouTube Lebel production, which worked to reach its targeted audience. Other brands have tried to replicate the meme styled ad, but Old Spice still takes the win!

Snickers – 2010 Super Bowl Commercial, “Betty White”

This is a must-see ad! Snickers hit the jackpot when the company started the slogan “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” and the saying does ring very true! Betty White was just the start of a series of celebrities playing the “hangry” roles.

Volkswagen – 2011 Super Bowl Commercial, “The Force”

It’s a Star Wars themed ad, how can it not be a winner? This was just what Volkswagen needed to get back into the Super Bowl commercial scene. Playing on a child’s imagination and technological advances was just pure genius!

Amazon – 2018 Super Bowl Commercial, “Alexa Loses Her Voice”

Humorous, enjoyable, and truthful. The commercial does point out that A.I has become heavily relied on, but it does also point out that people are uniquely different and require different pieces of information to get about their day. Not sure if Gordon Ramsay shouting at you is the solution to Alexa not being able to speak, though.

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