Russian Unity Day

Russia celebrates Unity Day every 4th of November, to commemorate the rebellion to free Moscow from Polish occupation during 1612. Unity Day reminds people of the unified society who stood for the preservation of Russian statehood, despite the class differences and the absence of patriarchy and supreme leadership (Tsar). It was the turning point of the Polish-Muscovite War which lasted over a decade (1605-1918), and marked an end to the “times of troubles”.

Russian Unity Day is celebrated in many ways by its citizens. Some prefer to offer flowers to the monument of the national heroes who led the uprising, Minin, and Pozharsky. Many gather for rallies, concerts, and exhibitions in order recollect and honor their history. Various Politicians and religious figures use this day to address the need for unity amongst different ethnic and religious groups within the Russian Federation. A large portion of the population also uses this day as another substitute for a holiday that was once held on the 7th of November during the Soviet times.

In 2015, thousands of people gathered in the streets of Moscow to celebrate Unity Day while President Vladimir Putin presented his speech. Thousands also marched at different parts of Moscow waving national flags and chanting nationalist slogans.

November 4 is also known as Feast Day for the Russian Orthodox Church, for honoring their icon Our Lady of Kazan. On this day Russian Orthodox Christians participate by attending church services followed by a procession.

Operating into Russia

Landing Permit and Documentations Required

Landing permits are essential for both private (non-revenue) and charter (non-scheduled) flights into Russia. The arrangement of permits for business/private flights requires approximately 1 working day. Charter/non-scheduled commercial flights require a minimum of 3 working days. It is important that operators have all landing points and Russian CAA permission confirmed before the flight. Note that having a Russian Navigator on board is only mandatory for domestic airports.

The following standard documents are required for attaining a Russian landing permit:

  • Air operator certificate.
  • Certificate of aircraft registration.
  • Certificate of aircraft airworthiness/noise.
  • Insurance certificate for aircraft.
  • Crew, Pax third party liabilities.
  • Form N – with full information about flight routing entry/exit points, and crew/pax information.
  • Russian visa is also required. Visa upon arrival can be arranged only at airports UUEE, UUDD, and UUWW.

Major Airports in Moscow for Business Aviation Operators

Moscow is the largest city in Europe, with a population of over 8 million. Currently, the Russian capital has three major international airports that can cater to General Aviation:

Domodedovo International Airport (IATA: DME, ICAO: UUDD)

UUDD can be used as an Airport of Entry (AOE) and is operational 24/7. Prior Permission Required (PPR) and Slot booking are not needed. In the case of charter flights (with more than 19 Pax on board) slots will be required. Aircraft parking will be granted based on availability. The airport is fully equipped for ground handling and helicopter services can be arranged upon request.

Sheremetyevo International Airport (IATA: SVO, ICAO: UUEE)

UUEE offers AOE services 24 hours-a-day. Slots are required for operating into UUEE. There is both open parking spots and hangar available for aircraft parking. Only between the time of 28th December 2016 until the 10th of January 2017 long time parking will be restricted and quick turnarounds will be required by operators.

Vnukovo International Airport (IATA: VKO, ICAO: UUWW)

UUWW is a 24/7 operational AOE airport and is fully equipped for ground handling services of all types of aircraft. Slots and aircraft parking are required and should be arranged beforehand. The airport has heated hangars available upon request, as well as plenty of outside parking spaces. Vnukovo International airport has three main terminals. Vnukovo 1 is used for regular scheduled flights. Vnukovo 2 is exclusively used for presidential and governmental flights. Finally, Vnukovo 3 contains two terminals (one for domestic & one for international) solely dedicated to business aviation. Vnukovo 3 considered the biggest and busiest GA airport, serving up to 100 people per hour.

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