Revezamento da Tocha Olimpica para os Jogos Rio 2016

The world’s largest sports competition is about to kick off in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This 2016 Summer Olympics held during August 5th to August 21st will see Rio de Janeiro becoming the official venue for 5,500 athletes from more than 150 qualified countries coming together to compete in 306 events, in addition to fans and supporters from around the world. For this purpose, the city has been segregated into four Olympic clusters:

  • Copacabana, located in Eastern Rio
  • Maracana, located in Northern Rio
  • Deodoro, located in Western Rio
  • Barra, located in Western Rio

With such a widely anticipated international event, air traffic is set to increase significantly due to a surge in General Aviation flights, as well as commercial and governmental operations. To regulate air traffic activities during this busy period, the Department of Air Space Control of Brazil has recently released an Aeronautical Information Circular. This indicates how the air space over the main airports and surrounding areas of Rio de Janeiro and other host cities will be managed and controlled during the duration of the Games.
Based on the information provided in this initial report, the main points to be considered are:

A series of new Reserved, Restricted and Prohibited areas will be implemented within the Brazilian Air Space, and different operational requirements will be applied in order to operate inside those areas.
While the current departure and arrival procedures will not be suspended or canceled, special procedures have been designed for SBRJ, SBSP, SBGR and SBGL. These include the deviation(s) necessary to avoid the new exclusion areas.
Every main airport in each host city, and the potential alternate aerodromes for these airports, have been assigned to receive a particular type of operation (VIP, International, Domestic, General). These are based on the infrastructure available inside and outside the airport, airport capacity and location capabilities.
Additional security measures will be applied and security checks will be performed by the authorities for all crew members, passengers and aircraft.
A new policy for slots will be implemented, with Commercial Airlines, Governmental Flights and General Aviation Flights being the order of priority for assigned slots.

As your partner in Latin America, the Jetex team has been working tirelessly to ensure every detail is ready for you, your crew and your aircraft when traveling to the Olympic Games in Brazil. We can offer an Operations Team available 24/7; the capability to provide the entire spectrum of Ground Support and Flight Planning services, and a solid knowledge of the operational culture in the region. We look forward to receiving you in Brazil, to coordinating any Flight Support services you may require, and to assisting you in preparing and planning for a successful and safe flight. For safety and security requirements, please contact our Operations team.

SLOTS Information

Slots for the following airports SBGL, SBRJ, SBBR, SBKP, SBCF, SBSP, SBGR, SBEG, SBBH, e SBSV have been released. Please send all required documents along with the completed form attached.

This is required for multiple landings inside Brazil. A permit request, together with all necessary documents must be submitted 48 business hours prior to the operation. Due to the expected heavy traffic, the processing time for a permit may increase to seven business days.

PIC and SIC first-class medical certificates;
PIC and SIC pilot licenses with specific aircraft authorization;
Airworthiness certificate;
Certificate of aircraft registration;
Worldwide insurance (with worldwide coverage and third-party liability clause on behalf of the operator);
Full operator and aircraft information;
Specific purpose of the flight (to include the reason for traveling to the country);
Full schedule.

SBCB (Cabo Frio) is an alternative airport of entry, located 66 NM from SBGL (Rio de Janeiro) and a dedicated airport for Executive Aviation.

For more information, please contact