Jetex team at EBACE

EBACE 2019

The European exhibition draws to a close today after an inspiring week for the business aviation industry in Geneva. We launched Jetex TV and spoke with Ed Bolen, NBAA president, about the subjects affecting business aviation in 2019 and beyond. We also spoke with Jetex’s Founder and CEO, Adel Mardini, about the exciting achievements we accomplished since EBACE 2018. Adel Mardini was also proud to accept an award from Coporate Jet Investor as one of 30 Dealmakers in Aviation, congratulations!

Honda Aircraft production facility

This week Jetex partner, HondaJet, announced production expansion to accommodate demand for the HondaJet Elite. The facility in Greensboro, North Carolina will help to make the production process more efficient with automation technologies. The facility will meet production needs created by more demand from India and Brazil, after selling 37 aircraft globally in 2018. Honda Aircraft has also announced plans to boost awareness of it’s private jets in Japan, where uptake is slow for jet purchases. Events such as the G20 and 2020 Olympics, along with local partnerships are expected to boost aircraft sales as well as business travel awareness in the region.

Women in Aviation

With discussions taking place across multiple industries about the importance of welcoming women into all roles, we are keen to keep the conversation about women in aviation going. It’s encouraging to see upward trends in the aviation industry, with multinationals headed by women including Marillyn Hewson of Lockheed Martin and Leanne Caret of Boeing Defense, Space, and Security. On the ground – or rather in the air, India is leading the way for female pilots – employing twice the global average in statistics published by the International Society of Women Airline Pilots. Ed Bolen, NBAA President, discussed the importance of attracting new talent to the business aviation industry – female role models are important to encourage others to join and flourish.

Growth in Morocco

Business aviation in Morocco continues to grow and Jetex is at the forefront of FBO provision to support business travelers. As the first FBO provider in Marrakech we continue to see an increase in luxury leisure visits, as well as diplomatic visits to Rabat. As well as filling the gaps of jet travel in Morocco, Jetex Founder and CEO Adel Mardini hopes to attract new customers to the market with the provision of new VIP locations including Agadir and Tangier.

Illegal air charter

With the global rise of sharing apps like Air BnB and Uber, it’s no surprise the trend has reached business aviation. Advertised as a cost effective and convenient way to travel, apps such as Uberjets and Blackbird allow users to ‘rideshare’. This can lead to potential uncertainty into the operational boundaries between pilot/passenger and AOC conditions. This is commonly referred to in the aviation industry as ‘gray charter’. The NBAA suggests vigilance from customers and increased education about the differences between Part 91 and Part 135 operators, to avoid ambiguity and maintain safety standards.