Milan Linate Airport (LIN/LIML) is will be closed from July 27 to October 26, 2019.  The closure impacts business and commercial travelers and will see several million passengers and thousands of flights diverted to alternate airports. The primary alternate will be Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP/LIMC). With the closure taking place during Italy’s peak travel season, increased congestion and delays are expected.

Linate Closure

During the closure the airport will undergo a range of refurbishments including re-laying the takeoff and landing runway, fitting new underground fuel pipes, updating the baggage handling system and improving the food and shopping areas.

Primary Linate alternative

Milan Malpensa (MXP/LIMC) will be the primary alternate for business and general aviation.  Malpensa is approximately 45 KM northwest of Milan. Malpensa is open 24 hours and the general aviation (GA) terminal is open from 0600 – 2200. After hours services are available on request, contact your Jetex representative for more information.

Additional alternatives include Bergamo (BGY/LIME), Brescia (VBS/LIPO), Genova (GOA/LIMJ) and Torino (TRN/LIMF).

Business Aviation Restrictions

  • MTOW > 2,8 t
  • Aircraft not based with MTOW < 7t are not allowed to land from 08.00Z to 10.00Z
  • 180 kt IAS at 9NM to TDZ ENR
  • 160 kt IAS at 5NM to TDZ
  • General aviation and business flights are requested to indicate the handler chosen for assistance in item 18 of their flight plan
  • Max parking time is 12 hours for non-based aircraft
  • Refueling with pax on board is not allowed
  • Push back or towing are mandatory on departure when leaving assigned parking area to reach q15, q16, q17 and q27 start point

Slot and PPR requirements

Prior permission is required (PPR) at Malpensa and parking availability has to be confirmed by the airport Authority in advance. Contact the Jetex Trip Planning Team for more information about permits and PPR in Italy.

Fuel at Milan Malpensa

Contact the Jetex Fuel Team for more information about refueling in advance. Major aviation and fuel cards and credit cards are commonly accepted.