From New York to London, Milan is next to host one of the world’s most exclusive fashion events this February 18 to 24: Milan Fashion Week.

Spread across the city, more than 150 events will showcase the newest Fall/Winter 2020/21 collections from some of the most noted designers in Italy and around the world, including Armani, Prada, Valentino, Versace, Bottega Veneta and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Organized by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Milan Fashion Week draws over 20,000 visitors each edition.

Planning to be in Milan during the fashion week? Keep in mind the following details for a smooth operation to Italy’s capital of fashion.

1. Take Note of Your Airport Options in Milan

For private jet operations to Milan, the most convenient airport options are Milan Linate Airport and Milan Malpensa Airport.

Milan Linate Airport [LIN, LIML]

LIML serves commercial, business and general aviation aircraft. It is located about 4.34 miles (seven kilometers) from the city center where the fashion week takes place.

LIML operates from 0530 to 2400 (0430 to 2300), 24 hours on request. General aviation traffic is coordinated by west apron coordination (COP) on frequency 131.755 mhr.

Milan Malpensa Airport [MXP, LIMC]

LIMC is an alternative airport located about 31 miles (49 kilometers) from key Milan Fashion Week venues. It is a 24/7 airport serving commercial, business and general aviation aircraft, with its own GA terminal.

NOTE: In both LIML and LIMC, Prior Permission Required (PPR) is not necessary, provided that ground handling is confirmed, and authorities are duly notified of your intended operations. Slots are only required for commercial operations involving aircraft with more than 19 seats.

2. Secure Your Fuel Supply Before Arrival

Major fuel carnets are accepted in both airports, but fuel release is recommended due to high demand. For competitive fuel rates, get in touch with Jetex at

3. Arrange for Ground Handling in Advance

Ground handling is mandatory in both airports. Jetex Italy can arrange all your ground handling requirements through our network of verified local handlers.

4. Consider Your Ground Transport Options

Shuttle buses, taxis and train services serve travelers coming from/going to LIML and LIMC. Jetex Italy can arrange luxury transport services for passengers and crew from LIML or LIMC straight to the hotel or any of the Milan Fashion Week venues.

5. Make Sure You Have the Necessary Flight Permits

All charter (non-scheduled commercial) flights by non-European Union-registered aircraft need landing permits. For any aircraft with up to 19 passenger seats, these operations are referred to as “air taxi flights,” and only annual charter permits are available.

An annual charter permit covers an operator’s entire fleet, assuming all aircraft have been specified on the permit. Once approved, an Italian charter permit is valid for 12 months.

An annual Italian charter landing permit takes 20 business days to process, if the operator has landed within the EU as a charter in the last two International Air Transport Association seasons (March to October and October to March). If not, the processing time will take 45 business days.

For more comprehensive information on Italian landing and overflight permits, please refer to our countrywide aviation guideline on Italy here.

6. Find Out the Visa Requirements Applicable to You

Customs are available 24/7 in both airports. Visa cannot be obtained on arrival and should be arranged before arrival. To check whether you require a visa to travel to Italy, please refer to this link.

7. Prepare for Increased Security

Airport security will be increased to expedite arrival and departure and address the busy aviation traffic. Security in the city center might be stricter due to special events.

Get Topnotch Flight Support Solutions for Your Milan Flight

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