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Touching borders with both the Everglades National Park [West] and Biscayne National Park [East] is the city of Miami. Bordering with the parks makes this the only city in the United States of America to border with two national parks. The cruise capital of the world also homes our Miami Operations Center.

Miami – the third tallest skyline in the U.S – is also the financial, economic, and cultural center of Florida. It comes as no surprise to learn that the Miami downtown area homes the largest concentrations of International Banks as well as National and International companies.

Our Operations Center is strategically located adjacent to the Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport [IATA: OPF, ICAO: KOPF].

Miami, The Operations Center

We established our state-of-the-art Miami Operations Center in 2014. By doing so, we were able to provide more efficient support to the flights traveling between the Americas or traveling to Europe and Western Asia. We offer a range of services through our U.S. based Operations Center that our customers enjoy.

Miami, Trip Planning

Trip Planning is putting together all the little puzzle pieces to create a flight that will run smoothly and seamlessly. All we need to know is where you want to go so that we can get started and arrange your perfect trip.

The Perfect Flight: Planning

Once we know where you want to go, our flight planners and dispatchers work out the best route. They develop a computerized flight plan, which saves your resources while providing you with maximum operational efficiency.

The Perfect Flight: Briefing

While we understand that the weather cannot be fully predicted, however, we can give pilots a good indication of what to expect with our latest and innovative monitoring technology.

The Perfect Flight: Analyzing

It is not surprising that every country around the world has different rules, regulations, requirements, and restrictions. We carry out the runway analysis and study the aircraft’s load and trim to ensure you and your crew meet all the regulations for a smooth trip.

The Perfect Flight: Organizing

The next step is the ATC filing and putting information into the acknowledgments system so that you can start your journey. We track the NOTAMs [Notice to Airmen] and update your pilot in real-time.

Miami, The Jetex Standards

If you have a jet, or you need a jet – we can take you there! For well over a decade we have supported and planned several flights all around the globe. We can cover everything from start to end – always with the standard of services, you would experience in any of our locations. Contact our Trip Support team on to plan a trip today.

Do you want a once in a lifetime experience planned and arranged for you? Contact our Experience team on [+971 4 212 4000] and let them take the reins. This team will arrange your accommodation, be it hotel stay, villa, or anything else. They’ll get to work and have your transportation – cars, helicopters, yachts, and more – ready to take you wherever. They’ll take it even further by arranging and booking you in for all the experiences you want to be a part of. From start to end, this team will plan your best trip!

Jetex, always completing your journey!
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