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Flight is a beautiful thing. It takes you from one place to the next through clouds, rain, snow, and sunshine.

When Jetex was created, it was created to fill a gap. There were only a handful of companies that provided Trip Planning and FBO Services, this is why Jetex came to be.

Because of hard work and dedication, Jetex, now, stands amongst one of the few companies in the world that offers Trip Planning along with Fixed Based Operators.

When the company started, it did not provide the intended services. One thing had to be studied and mastered before moving on to the other. For this reason, the company started out as a Trip Planning company in late 2005.

It goes without saying that to achieve a perfect flight – then it needs to be organized to the highest of standards. For this to happen, then you need to be able to rely on the people that you wouldn’t often think of.

Take a moment to think of the best flight you have taken – what or who do you think of?

Paris FBO Ops

The pilot, the co-pilot, the crew, and maybe the catering. However, most people wouldn’t think of the schedulers, the planners, and the dispatchers, the people that are behind the scenes, organizing, arranging, planning, and running all the checks to make sure everything is going to happen according to well-practiced plan and without a single hitch.

Every person involved in a flight is essential, but without these people setting the tracks and establishing the foundation of the trip, then a flight is just incomplete. Trip Planning isn’t just about crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s. It’s about knowing what your customer needs, and keeping your promise to meet those needs. Because, if the customer could get this done themselves, then why would they need us?

The Jetex team had created a detailed checklist that would get a trip planned and executed to perfection. It was now time to attach the next puzzle piece that would complete what was envisioned for the company – a company that could handle a trip from A to Z.

Paris FBO Exterior

Le Bourget FBO, Paris [Opened in 2009]

The first Jetex FBO opened in 2009, in Le Bourget, Paris. This was the piece that would make sure that Jetex would be able to fulfill its high standard from beginning to end. An FBO – fixed-base operator – consists of ground handling and a comfortable lounge for guests and crew. This meant that we could ensure that our customers and crew started their journey in a welcoming space surrounded by hospitable staff, while their aircraft is made ready for take-off.

Obviously, it wasn’t always a smooth journey. We have received complaints in the early hours of the morning. We have also gotten phone calls thanking the team for going above and beyond. It is because as a company we learn and adapt. That is why Jetex has continued to grow exponentially and continues to develop more innovative puzzle pieces to create a better painted bigger picture, like the GTM – Global Trip Manager – system. This system ensures that our clients have access to everything they need online. They can access trip possibilities, trip estimations, and more without having to send email after email, and without having to worry about possible human error.

Jetex, always completing your journey!
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