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Jetex is recognized as a global leader in business aviation, and has once again extended its international reach by partnering with the Moroccan National Airports Authority (ONDA).

The company has won licenses to establish five new luxury FBOs in Morocco. These will be located at the following airports: Casablanca Mohammed V (CMN/GMMN)Marrakech Menara (RAK/GMMX)Rabat-Salé (RBA/GMME)Agadir-Al Massira (AGA/GMAD), and Dakhla airports (VIL/GMMH).

The first two FBOs in Casablanca and Marrakech opened on October 10, 2016. The teams at these state-of-the-art facilities are ready to assist all business aviation operators with a full range of trip support. Among the first to benefit from Jetex’s services will be delegates attending the UNFCCC COP22 Summit, taking place in Marrakech from November 7 – 18, 2016. Please click here for further details on the summit.

The FBOs in Rabat, Agadir and Dakhla are scheduled to open between January and June 2017.

Luxury Amenities

Each of the five FBOs has been designed to accommodate all types of business jets, with extensive parking space and a full range of trip support services.

Clients will enjoy:

  • Multilingual local expertise
  • Luxury VIP lounges
  • Crew lounges
  • In-house flight planning
  • Complete flight documentation package in accordance with local requirements
  • Weather briefing and NOTAMs
  • Smooth process through customs and immigrations
  • Ground handling services
  • World-class concierge services including hotel reservations and VIP transportation

AOE, Permits, PPR, Slots, and Aircraft Parking

All five airports mentioned above offer Airport of Entry (AOE) services 24 hours a day. Landing permits are not required for private domestic or international flights, or commercial domestic flights within Morocco. Landing Permits are only required for commercial international flights. A minimum lead time of 24 business hours is required for arranging a Moroccan landing permit. The Moroccan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) operational hours are 08:00—15:00 UTC, Monday—Friday only.

Prior Permissions Required (PPR) does not apply to CMN/GMMN, RAK/GMMX, RBA/GMME, and AGA/GMAD, only the valid flight plan is required. PPR is mandatory for only VIL/GMMH. Slots are granted on a 30 minute basis, through the initially filed flight plan.

Aircraft parking is available on a first-come first-served basis. Our dedicated Jetex professionals are available to coordinate with the local control tower for any last minute requests and pre-booking of parking for special flights.

Recommendations: Hotel Booking, Visa requirements and Documentation

Please be advised that airports GMMN, GMMX always have high traffic volumes, in terms of aircraft movements. GMME rarely has high traffic due to a lack of commercial airline operations, as well as GMMH, which has only two commercial flights per day. GMAD has high traffic volume primarily on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

During important city events such as the COP22 summit, hotel bookings will be difficult to obtain without prior reservations. If necessary, crew and PAX may end up being accommodated outside of the city. The Jetex travel team recommends that operators send their booking requests as early as possible to ensure the best outcome.

Visas are required upon arrival for passengers and crew based on nationality. GenDec and valid passport copies will also be needed.

Helicopter Transfer and Ground Transportation

It is possible to book helicopter transfers from any of our Moroccan FBO locations to another. However only one operator is available to perform the transfers, and their helicopters are based in Marrakech (RAK/GMMX). A minimum 48-hour prior notice and prepayment is therefore required. We recommend you allow as much time as possible for making arrangements, particularly during events such as the COP 22 Summit.

Jetex offers a range of reliable, premium concierge services. Our 24/7 dedicated staff ensure that our VIP clients and members of high-status delegations will reach their destinations in security and comfort.

Ground transportation times from each of these airports to the main city centers are as follows:

CMN/ GMMN – 40 minutes away from the city during non-peak traffic hours
RAK/ GMMX – 10 minutes away from the city during non-peak traffic hours
RBA/ GMME – 20 minutes away from the city during non-peak traffic hours
AGA/ GMAD – 50 minutes away from the city during non-peak traffic hours
VIL/ GMMH – 5 minute drive, located in the middle of the city

Any Questions?

For further details of our new FBOs, please contact the Jetex team in Morocco:

Jetex Executive FBO Terminal (Casablanca)
Terminal 03, Mohammed V International Airport
Casablanca, Morocco 20000
T: +212 6662 06561
Jetex Executive FBO Terminal (Marrakech)
Terminal 02, Marrakech Menara Airport
Marrakech, Morocco 40000
T: +212 6662 06562