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One of the keys to a successful business trip is securing appropriate accommodation. Your choice of hotel can make or break a trip, and by extension a deal. It is important to be mindful of the factors which can help or hinder you on your journey.

Searching for a hotel in an unfamiliar city can prove time consuming, especially if you are visiting a country for the first time. Cultural factors and language barriers serve only to add to the confusion. And when you are traveling for business, time is money.

Often, business trips will be short and packed with important meetings and events. This leaves very little downtime for traveling around or sightseeing. Naturally, you don’t want to sacrifice comfort for convenience, especially when it comes to essential amenities such as restaurants.

Finding the perfect hotel for your trip can take several hours – time that you probably don’t have to spare when planning an important journey. But don’t worry, our expert concierge team is on hand to assist. Here we will look at the top five considerations when it comes to arranging accommodation for your next business trip.

1. Location

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Choosing the most convenient location usually depends on a number of factors, including distance from your airport of arrival, and where you will doing business.

In general, location is the number one factor when selecting a hotel for your business trip. Ideally, you wish to be close to both the airport and the venue for your conference or meetings, yet not isolated from other necessities. City center hotels are often the most desirable, but can present challenges due to traffic congestion and lengthy commutes. Airport hotels, on the other hand, can prove too remote. It is important to cross check all the factors which may affect the journey to and from your accommodation, in order to minimize time spent on the road. This can involve a lot of research, however it is well worth the effort for the time you’ll save during your trip. Time which can be better spent focused on the purpose of your visit, or simply relaxing and enjoying your surroundings. The Jetex concierge team possesses a wealth of experience in making travel arrangements for busy executives. We know the best way around your destination city, and can advise on the most conveniently located accommodation for your trip.

2. Security

Hotel Safety and Security

It pays to be mindful of security concerns at your destination. With Jetex, your safety and security are our top priorities.

Even if the country you are traveling to is considered safe, security is always an issue to keep in mind. Whether you’re worried about the security of your belongings, or your personal safety while traveling, Jetex will ensure your hotel is located in a peaceful neighborhood and has a good reputation. Well-known clients in particular may have concerns about privacy while traveling. Our team guarantees you a hassle free trip, by identifying hotels catering specifically to VIP guests. We work with the finest accommodation providers to ensure the privacy of our clients is respected, and guarantee you and you party will be treated with the utmost discretion. With Jetex, your safety and security are always our top priorities. These same impeccable standards are shared by all of the accommodation providers we recommend.

3. Quality

Hotel Quality

Thanks to our long-standing industry partnerships, Jetex can cater to all accommodation requirements.

When it comes to choosing accommodation, quality is a crucial factor. You want to avoid any stress, and ensure your hotel is both comfortable and has all the necessary amenities you require to work effectively. Does your hotel have reliable Wi-Fi connectivity? How about a business center facility, in case you need to send an urgent fax or print some copies of a key presentation? Thanks to our extensive global network of providers, we can cater to the most sophisticated of demands. From boutique resorts to international hotel chains, our exclusive industry partnerships guarantee you the best available accommodation at the most competitive rates.

4. Cost

Hotel - Cost

Jetex offers preferential rates you won’t find anywhere else.

When you are on a business trip, you don’t always want to spend an excessive amount of money on a hotel you won’t be spending much time in. However, you also want the time you spend there to be comfortable and enjoyable, allowing you can relax and focus on the task in hand. Thanks to our extensive global network and long-established partnerships with leading hotel chains, the Jetex concierge team can locate the best available options for you at preferential rates you won’t find anywhere else.

5. Loyalty Programs

Hotel - Loyalty Programs

Frequent travelers can benefit from hotel loyalty programs.

If you are a frequent business traveler you may already have a favorite hotel chain, one which you have grown to depend on as a consistently reliable choice. Most of the major international brands operate a loyalty program, which offers the convenience of priority booking, special rates and complimentary upgrades. Using the same chain for your international travel can result in significant savings, as well as the peace of mind gained from knowing exactly what you can expect from your accommodation.

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