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Generally speaking, business aviation flights into first world countries are very safe. Governments have effective security measures in place to ensure business aviation travelers will arrive at their destinations safely, and with minimal security threats. Once the aircraft touches down, the passengers will be able to freely move around the country, with no need to rely on a security team.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, particularly in countries which may be experiencing civil unrest or war. For these destinations, calculating the level of risk and obtaining the necessary insurance can prove challenging. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most important considerations for a safe and secure trip.

Assess the Threat Level at Your Destination

The way in which potential threats are classified varies from country to country. Most nations publish official travel advice for their citizens, with Governments commonly employing a five-point scale:

  • Insignificant
  • Low
  • Moderate
  • High
  • Extreme

“Insignificant” suggests little to no potential for security problems during a trip. ”Moderate” includes countries that are generally free of terrorist activity or violence. At the other end of the spectrum, areas of the world that are experiencing civil unrest or war fall under the “High” and “Extreme” categories.

In addition to checking government advice, it is always best to obtain the latest first-hand information from professionals on the ground. Jetex’s experienced team will provide you with a full assessment of any potential security risks at your destination.

Be Conscious of Security Conditions at the Airport

When it comes to airport security, not all facilities are created equal. Depending on the situation at your destination, we can deploy a variety of resources to ensure the safety of your aircraft, passengers and crew. Once you are on the ground, it may be necessary to enlist armed security officers to transport you and your party from the airport to your onward destination. This will usually be determined in advance. A Jetex representative will travel to the airport to carry out a thorough risk assessment prior to arrival. Our local partners also advise us in case of any emerging risks, helping us ensure you will always receive the protection you need.

Arrange Appropriate Accommodation in Advance

When traveling to potentially risky areas, the security of your accommodation is of paramount importance. Many hot spots around the world offer secure hotels aimed towards sheltering foreign travelers. If no such facility is available, research needs to be conducted to locate a properly secured hotel or other place to stay. Measures such as CCTV cameras, metal detectors and other security equipment should be in place, so that any potential threats can be monitored and assessed. In crime-prone areas and especially warzones, armed guards will usually be required.

The Jetex travel team possesses detailed knowledge on the safest available accommodation at your destination. Schedules may be subject to last-minute changes, particularly in strife-torn regions. We are fully flexible with revisions or cancellations, and ready to respond quickly to any challenges which may occur during your trip. Simply call us and we will ensure that all of your hotel and transport arrangements are updated to match your revised itinerary.

Make Sure You Receive a Security Briefing Before You Leave

Anyone traveling to a potentially dangerous part of the world should be given a full security briefing prior to departure. This must be provided by a security professional; someone who understands the country you are traveling to, the potential dangers that exist and the best ways to reduce the chance of any unwanted incidents. The briefing needs to be based on current information, in order to represent an accurate picture of conditions on the ground at the time of departure. Our extensive global reach enables us to provide real-time updates on developing situations, ensuring you are made aware of any security concerns at the earliest opportunity.

Select a Reliable Security Provider

Many companies claim to be experts on overseas security assessment. It is important to check your provider’s credentials thoroughly before engaging any services. Jetex partners with only the most reputable security agencies across the globe. Our team will arrange protection from the top-rated providers at your destination, taking the stress out of the selection process and offering you peace of mind.

Ensure You Have Adequate Insurance Coverage

The global geopolitical climate is fluid and unpredictable. Premiums can be higher for journeys to troubled regions. A good broker can help you obtain the cover you need, at the best available rates. We have a wealth of experience in arranging travel insurance, and have forged close working relationships with the industry’s leading providers. Policies can be arranged annually or on a short-term basis, offering the flexibility you need in an ever-changing world.

Consult the Experts at Jetex

Concerned about security issues at your next destination? Contact our team today to discuss your requirements. Our extensive global network enables us to deliver a full range of security services, wherever you may be traveling.

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