Gion Neighborhood

Japan is known for its frenetic and high-tech megacities, peaceful shrines surrounded by zen gardens and an exciting assortment of street food. Jetex Experience team can design an itinerary to suit your travel aspirations, including a charter flight to Japan, unique activities and event recommendations.

Take a look at our sample itinerary to jump-start your Japan travel inspiration.

Tokyo – old meets new

Fly to our Jetex Tokyo Haneda or Tokyo Narita locations who can offer you 24/7 operations with an executive lounge to begin your journey. Check in at the Mandarin Oriental with soaring views across the city.

Tokyo is synonymous with Japan’s identity as an exciting mix of old and new, a vibrant city set against the striking backdrop of Mount. Fuji. Once a fishing village, it has now evolved into the economic and cultural heartbeat of Japan. Forget the Top-10 must see’s – instead we suggest discovering the city on foot, through food and with a view.

First we visit the Ryogoku, the center of Japan’s sumo world. As well as the Kokugikan Sumo Stadium, Ryogoku is home to most of Tokyo’s sumo heyas. All rikishi (wrestlers) belong to heyas, or sumo stables, where they live, train and eat. Get up close to these immense men and watch their asa geiko (morning training) – be sure to stay quiet so not to disturb the wrestler’s concentration. Head to the basement banquet hall for chanko-nabe, the very same stew eaten by the wrestlers.

After your morning spent with the sumo heyas, relax at your hotel before spending the evening at Gen Yamamoto, a cocktail bar delivering Japanese creativity in every delicately crafted glass. Watch the owner craft a delicious mix of drinks using a variety of seasonal local ingredients.

Nagano – the Japanese Alps

Host of the 1998 Winter Olympic Games, Nagano is not only home to 9 of Japan’s highest mountains but it’s the only place in the world you can see wild monkeys bathing in an onsen (hot spring).

Onsen Spring

Thanks to the crisp, clean water and pure air Nagano is famous for its food – and is a place fit for foodies. Think ethically sourced, locally grown and passionately prepared dishes. Sample delicious soba noodles, local apples and purest sake (brace yourself), as well as a local tradition of oyaki dumplings and bamboo leaf-wrapped sushi.

Stay at the luxurious and contemporary Aburaya Tousen, relaxing in your own private open-air bath.

On next to Kyoto, one of Japan’s best-preserved historic cities with ancient palaces, Zen gardens, 1600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto shrines. Stroll down the most beautiful street in all of Asia, Shinbashi Dori in the chic Gion neighborhood. Swathed by willow trees and glowing paper lanterns – The Shirakawa canal, or “White River,” runs alongside the street and past beautiful wooden teahouses, restaurants, and boutiques.

Gion Neighborhood

Gion Neighborhood Japan

Jetex can organize a unique private tour with a respected local Architect, who will tell the history of each distinguished building and the cultural stories behind them.

Return to your hotel – Four Seasons – situated in the temple district and relax beside the 800-year-old ikeniwa (pond garden).


Delicious street food in Osaka

Known as “the nation’s kitchen,” there’s nowhere better to sample street food in Japan than Osaka. Try Okonomiyaki – like a pancake made with vegetables including cabbage and topped with mayonnaise, bonito flakes and pickled ginger. For a sweet traditional Japanese dish try mitarashi-dango – made with mochi (sweet rice) and drizzled with a syrupy soy sauce.



Stay at the St Regis where you can head to the roof garden and enjoy views over the city.

Depart from Osaka Kansai Airport where our multilingual team can assist you with flight planning and fuel arrangements while you relax in our executive lounge. Speak to our Experience Team who can recommend and book your Japan trip, including jet charter, boutique hotels and VIP transfers.

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