Jetex Celebrates Women In Aviation And 30th Edition Of Rallye Aïcha Des Gazelles Du Maroc

Since 1990, the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc has been a pioneer in innovation as the only women’s rally raid in the world that takes place 100% off-road. The unique event brings women aged 18 to 71 from around the world together in the Moroccan desert. From the first days, the rally has been developing a new vision for motorsport: no speeding and no GPS – just old-school navigation and the spirit of adventure.

The women who take part in this rally, known as “Gazelles”, are of different generations, social backgrounds and nationalities. In 4x4s, crossovers, quad bikes, SSVs or trucks, they join to experience the unique competition based on the values of tolerance, solidarity and determination, where respect for the host country is a priority through the rally’s non-profit mission, which cares about the environment.

Jetex continually reaffirms a commitment to a diverse workforce as it is dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of women in all aviation career fields and interests. In celebration of the 30th edition of the event, Manon Woitellier and Ingrid Laboute from the European Office of Jetex will join the rally to raise awareness and celebrate courage, loyalty, solidarity, environmental and social impact – the values shared both by the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc and Jetex.

Throughout two weeks, from 18 September to 2 October 2021, Jetex invites you to follow the progress of Manon and Ingrid (Team 274) on its Instagram account where it will share daily news as Team Jetex experiences an adventure of a lifetime. With five locations across Morocco and the flagship Jetex Marrakech private terminal, Jetex will also host a number of activities to support and encourage its first-ever team to participate in the legendary rally.

Cost Of Flying By Private Jet

Booking a flight on a private jet has long been viewed as a swanky, sometimes out-of-reach indulgence. There’s a reason flying private has its glamorous connotations. Convenience and efficiency aside, even the smallest aircraft come with smart recliner-style seats, sumptuous sofas and the latest tech – not to mention state-of-the-art entertainment consoles.

There is a significant untapped market for private aviation: a recent study by McKinsey showed that 93% of people who could afford to fly private currently do not as they have not explored the benefits and costs of traveling by private jet.

Private jet charter pricing depends on the number of factors, including type of aircraft, trip length, catering, airport landing fees and idle time between flights. There are also many market-determined variables that impact the price, including supply and demand.

However, private charter has become more affordable in the recent years with private flight costs going down by 30% to 50%, bringing them closer than ever to the rates of first and business class tickets on commercial carriers. However, chartering a private jet allows to maximize time at the destination and minimize the number of hours spent traveling. Private planes also offer more individualized amenities to passengers than first-class commercial flights.

On average, the price of chartering a private jet is $10,000 per hour, depending on the type of service and location. Empty leg charter flights may cost up to 50% less than the cost of a full dedicated charter flights.

An interesting aspect of those willing to travel by private jet is that the charter price is for the entire aircraft rather than per passenger. Therefore, hiring a private jet with friends or family members for a holiday getaway or to celebrate birthdays and special occasions can offer a great value.

For business travelers, the biggest benefit is the time they save, both for their employees and corporate partners. Another major advantage for private air travel is that the customer sets their own itineraries. Most flights, therefore, are point-to-point, and you determine when you depart.

Below are some of the popular business and leisure routes along with typical market rates for an on-demand charter:

Estimated Pricing (One Way)

Number of pax
Middle East
Dubai – London
Starting from $75,000
up to 10 passengers
Dubai – Male
Starting from $54,000
up to 8 passengers
Lagos – London
Starting from $70,000
up to 8 passengers
Mumbai – Dubai
Starting from $36,000
up to 6 passengers
Berlin – Istanbul
Starting from $30,000
up to 6 passengers
Paris – Dubai
Starting from $70,000
up to 10 passengers
Moscow – Dubai
Starting from $65,000
Up to 10 passengers
Moscow – Geneva
Starting from $43,000
Up to 8 passengers

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Connect with Jetex at ACE 2021

Follow Jetex to Air Charter Expo 2021, a dedicated forum for the global business air charter industry, which will take place on Tuesday, 14 September 2021, at London Biggin Hill Airport.

ACE 2021 will feature an extensive exhibition as well as a full-day conference program to allow all business aviation community, including charter operators, brokers, and suppliers, the chance to present their services to their most important customers and reconnect in person in the post-COVID-19 era.

Aviation industry leaders will showcase their latest aircraft, including an Agusta 109, Boeing 737, Challenger 605, Citation XLS, Dassault Falcon 8X and 2000S, Bombardier Challenger 605, Global 5000 and 7500, Gulfstream G450, Hawker 750, King Air 200, Piaggio Avanti, Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 and HondaJet.

Jetex team looks forward to seeing you at ACE 2021.


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Jetex Named Official FBO Of Dubai Airshow 2021

For the fourth consecutive time, Jetex will be the Official FBO of the Dubai Airshow, taking place on 14-18 November 2021 at Dubai World Central (DWC). The airshow is set to be a landmark event for the aviation industry preparing for post COVID-19 era.

Jetex, an award-winning global leader in executive aviation, is once again honored to be presented the opportunity to take the lead within such a prominent event held in the United Arab Emirates, showing its trust, respect and commitment for the region. The Dubai Airshow is closely connected with the history of the company: Jetex made its debut during the Dubai Airshow back in 2005.

Today, the Dubai Airshow has evolved to become one of the largest and most important aerospace events in the world. Complete with never-before-seen features, a captivating display of the most advanced aircraft along with unrivalled networking opportunities, the five-day airshow is the premier live and in person aerospace event happening this year. It will take place at its purpose-built venue at DWC, Dubai Airshow Site, easily accessible from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and only a few minutes away from the World Expo 2020, taking place at the same time – a celebration of the UAE Vision 2021, with 182 days to collaborate, innovate and marvel at what humanity can accomplish together.

Jetex VIP Terminal will host a special networking program across its luxurious lounges with plenty of opportunities to socialize, entertain and enjoy the art of Jetex hospitality. Guests will be invited to experience signature elements of the Jetex private terminal concept designed with both passengers and crew in mind.

“We are pleased to once again be part of the prestigious Dubai Airshow. Throughout the health crisis, Jetex continued to facilitate travel and it was an unprecedented learning experience for all of us. Today, we are stronger than ever and eager to share our expertise with our clients and partners, as we congregate at the biggest aviation industry event of 2021”, said Adel Mardini, Founder & CEO of Jetex, who is also a Member of the Dubai Airshow Advisory Board.

The Dubai Airshow is a special time for every company, providing an occasion to meet key players in the aerospace industry, seize fresh commercial opportunities, present expertise and innovations to the world, and form technological and industrial partnerships. The airshow participants who visit Jetex VIP Terminal will have the opportunity to meet representatives of all Jetex divisions, including FBO Network, Fuel Service, Trip Planning, Premier Experience and Aircraft Sales.

Commenting on the partnership, Timothy Hawes, Managing Director of Tarsus Aerospace added: “Jetex has a well-deserved reputation in the industry and we are delighted to partner with them once again as the official FBO for the Dubai Airshow to facilitate travel and support our esteemed guests at the event.”

The 2021 edition of the Dubai Airshow looks extremely promising as it reflects the dynamic energy of an ever-growing industry now laying the foundations for the aviation of the future, and Jetex VIP Terminal at DWC looks forward to be a welcoming haven to all airshow participants.

Jetex Fuels The Future With Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Jetex is committed to ambitious emissions reduction goals set by The International Air Transport Association (IATA). The company is at the forefront of the shift towards a lower carbon aviation industry as it introduces biofuel at Jetex Le Bourget, Paris.

Jetex, an award-winning global leader in executive aviation, continues to offer more ways of reducing carbon emissions of travel. The company began offering sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) produced by TotalEnergies in France, made from used cooking oil at Jetex Le Bourget, Paris, from June 2021.

SAF gives an impressive reduction of up to 90% in carbon emissions over the lifecycle of the fuel compared to traditional jet fuel it replaces and complies with RED sustainability criteria. Fueling at Jetex Le Bourget, Paris, is facilitated by a 100% electric refueling truck which further reduces carbon footprint of the operation.

“We take pride in being part of the aviation community that has yet again proven to be accountable and responsible, taking a positive step towards reducing carbon emissions. Jetex has reiterated its stance towards this goal by making it easier for customers to avail SAF at one of its FBO base at Paris Le Bourget. As a one-stop shop aviation service provider, we are pleased to be able to include SAF arrangements as part of our world-class services for customers looking to meet the challenge of carbon neutrality”, commented Sufiyan Asif, Director of Fuel at Jetex.

Progressing the development and commercial deployment of SAF is crucial to decarbonizing the aviation industry. According to IATA, more than 100 million liters of SAF will be produced in 2021. The use of SAF is a major focus for Jetex and forms part of the company’s commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 through a series of short, medium and long-term initiatives. It is vital for the future of aviation to continue to address climate change and Jetex remains focused on playing its part to reduce the impact on the planet.

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Experience Japan With Jetex

Both formal and casual, traditional and hi-tech, Japan’s contrasts are what make it so endlessly fascinating. Famous for its friendly and hospitable people, traditional events and festivals and incredible Japanese cuisine, Japan boasts natural beauty, diverse landscapes, a blend of ultra-modern and timeless.

Climb Mount Fuji. Make lifelong memories by climbing Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest and most prominent mountain. Mount Fuji (3,776 meters) is an active volcano, which most recently erupted in 1707. It stands on the border between Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures and can be seen from Tokyo and Yokohama on clear days. The official climbing season for Mount Fuji is open from early July to mid-September with various trails and mountain facilities.

Enjoy a Beach Vacation. Japan is a perfect summer getaway for city dwellers. Filled with beautiful beaches everywhere and famous for its emerald-green waters and soft white sands, it offers plenty of activities from just soaking up the sun, building sandcastles to boat tours, surfing to snorkeling and diving. Discover beautiful beaches in the greater Tokyo area, including Yuigahama Beach and Zushi Beach in Kanagawa Prefecture. There is a perfect sandy escape near Osaka and Kyoto to explore. 

Visit Hokkaido and the Flower Fields. Hokkaido, the second-largest island of Japan is very famous for its lavender season. A must-see is the colorful flower fields in Furano-Biei in central Hokkaido, and Asahikawa to the north. Its lavender fields transform the area in a delicate purple from early July to early August. Overall, Hokkaido offers unspoiled nature, many national parks, and rural landscapes and is a must-visit for outdoor lovers, like hikers, cyclists, and campers from June to September.

Family Time at Tokyo DisneySea. Tokyo DisneySea is a fantasy theme park, part of the Tokyo Disney Resort, and inspired by the myths and legends of the sea. It is made up of seven themed ports including Mediterranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront.

Fun Day at Universal Studios Japan. Located in Osaka, Universal Studios Japan is a world-class theme park and one of six Universal Studios theme parks in the world. A perfect family place to experience famous attractions and famous entertainment experiences such as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, The Flying Dinosaur and Minion Park and Despicable Me Minion Mayhem Ride. Recently opened Super Nintendo World I based on world-renowned Nintendo characters and their worlds and a must-visit for Nintendo enthusiasts.

With three locations across Japan, Jetex is your reliable partner whenever you operate a flight to and from the country. Available 24/7, Jetex Japan will help you plan a seamless travel experience, including trip planning, ground handling, visa applications, entry and landing permits as well as fuel arrangements. Whenever you are planning to fly to Japan, contact Jetex Japan.


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Summer 2021: Holidays In Portugal

Destination Portugal has it all, from historic cities to world-renowned gastronomy scenes, natural landscapes, and spectacular turquoise beaches.

This beautiful country is located right next to the Atlantic Ocean and offers a marvelous landscape where golden beaches and cliffs alternate with vineyards, olive groves, and enchanted forests.

Make a stop in Lisbon, Europe’s second-oldest city and one of the most anticipated capitals in Europe – colorful, quirky, and magnetic. Good for shopping and relaxation, and the best place to eat Pastel de nata and to listen to Fado, the distinctive music of Portugal, played in small places, by two guitars and an emotional voice. No visit to Lisbon is complete without a visit to the village of Sintra and the secular wineries of the Lisbon Wine Region. Visit the valley of the River Douro, the spectacular landscape of unbelievably steep hillsides covered with wineries and famed for its production of the sweet dessert Port and other wines.

The next stop is Porto, a historic city center and a UNESCO-protected site. Porto is home to a famous and unique Port Wine that is shipped to all over the world.  In Porto, you can’t miss a gastronomic experience, wine, and food, along with the diverse natural scenery are the main flagships of Portugal.

Changing the diverse landscape, visit the Algarve in the south of Portugal is famous for its stunning beaches and spectacular waves, perfect for surfing experts. Experience whale watching and thermal springs in the Azores; get out on a boat and you can expect to see many different types of whales and dolphins.

Portugal is also one of the top golf destinations in Europe and a very family-friendly destination, offering families with kids’ variety of attractions, like Portugal’s centuries-old castles, medieval towns, and other historical palaces.

Available 24/7 and offers a wide range of travel services, including trip planning, ground handling, visa applications, entry, and landing permits as well as fuel arrangements. When planning your next flight to Portugal, please contact:


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Summer 2021: Falling In Love With Italy

Why go to Italy this summer? There are so many reasons to love Italy, from its food and wines, architecture and design, people, language and history, landscapes and beaches… the list is endless.

There is no other city like Rome, one of the most popular cities in the world and a must-visit iconic European destination with a rich history, architecture, vibrant local culture, and world-class cuisine.

Venice, the floating city and one of Italy’s most romantic destinations. Consisting of 118 small islands, linked by 150 crisscrossing famous canals and 417 bridges, Venice features remarkable art, beautiful architecture, music, craft, and literature, not to miss the romantic allure of a Gondola ride through the canal and a winding labyrinth of waterways.

Visit Milan for high fashion and world-class nightlife, this metropolitan city is filled with art and history, renowned haute couture houses, ready-to-wear boutiques, and famous gelato.

Experience the Renaissance times in Florence, a beautiful city with stunning views, famous for the art and architecture, artisan shopping, food markets, and countless gastronomic specialties.

Discover the Italian ‘lake district’ with five major lakes, like Maggiore, Lugano, Como, Iseo and Garda. A holiday to the Italian lakes offers a real mix of pretty towns and villages along the water’s edge, mountainous backdrops, and luxurious hotels.

You might also want to go and explore the city of Naples, the birthplace of Neapolitan pizza. Overlooking Naples is the iconic slopes and the crater of Mt. Vesuvius or the archaeological sites of Pompeii. Not to miss the Amalfi Coast, a gorgeous 40-km stretch of coastline. And the cliffside towns of Sorrento and Positano, as well as nearby islands like Capri, make great destinations for a family vacation.

Discover Italian ‘La Dolce Vita’ with Jetex. Available 24/7and manages all operations in Rome. It offers a wide range of travel services, including trip planning, ground handling, visa applications, entry, and landing permits as well as fuel arrangements. When planning your next flight to Italy, please contact Jetex at:


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Summer 2021: The Balearics Getaway

The Balearic Islands, one of the most popular destinations in the western Mediterranean, which include Ibiza, Menorca, Majorca, and Formentera, have been added to the green list as of 30 June 2021. A true hideaway, the Balearics offer elegant relaxation and wellness, beautiful beaches and natural landscapes, not to forget the fantastic nightlife to enjoy.

One of the most famous, scenic, and popular of the Balearic Islands is Ibiza. This relatively small island offers beautiful and historical sites, captivating culture, sandy beaches, and its famous nightlife with some of the biggest and most famous clubs in the world.

Also known as the Caribbean Island of the Mediterranean Sea, Formentera is located just 9 kilometers away from Ibiza. This unforgettable island is famous for its whitest beaches and crystalline waters, breath-taking clifftop views, and unforgettable sunsets, one of the most idyllic destinations with a chilled atmosphere and natural beauty.

Unwind in Mallorca, one of the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands is known for its sandy beaches, coves, charming mountain villages, architecture with a rich and fascinating history. A must-visit for anyone who loves architecture to explore castles and ruins, cathedrals and monasteries, art galleries, and museums. Mallorca is stylish, sophisticated, intimate, and bursting with life – a gem for travelers.

The stunning Menorca offers a combination of interesting history, natural beauty, varied outdoor pursuits, quality food, and most importantly, over 100 stunning beaches. As a top family holiday destination, Menorca’s mostly untouched coastline is a natural adventure playground, offers something for kids of all sizes.

Make the most of your Spanish holiday with a glut of culture, well-preserved beaches, stunning landscapes, flavorsome cuisine, and amazing nightlife. Plan a perfect Balearic holiday with Jetex Spain, available 24/7 and manages all operations in Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga. It offers a wide range of travel services, including trip planning, ground handling, visa applications, entry, and landing permits as well as fuel arrangements. When planning your next flight to Spain, please contact Jetex at:


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The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Are About to Start

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will take place between 23 July to 8 August 2021, after a year-long delay due to the COVID-19 health crisis. The Olympic Games are expecting to draw more than 11,000 athletes who will compete across 33 sports venues and take part in 339 events.

The opening ceremony is scheduled for 23 July 2021 although technically, the games will commence two days earlier with the women’s softball and football preliminaries. On the opening ceremony day, there will be rowing and archery events, followed by next-day games of badminton, beach volleyball, handball, table tennis, volleyball, weightlifting, hockey, and much more.

Six new sports will be debuting Tokyo Olympics including karate, skateboarding, surfing, and sport climbing, and baseball and softball are returning after a 13-year absence.

The 2021 judo events will be held between 24 July and 31 July, as well as a newcomer to the Tokyo Games, the first baseball match will take place on 28 July, with the final on 7 August. All athletics events will take place between 30 July and 8 August at the new Olympic Stadium. On 8 August, the last day of events, many finals will take place including water polo, the men’s marathon, women’s basketball, boxing, cycling, women’s rhythmic gymnastics, women’s handball, and women’s volleyball will bring 2020/2021 games to a close.

With three locations across Japan, Jetex is your reliable partner whenever you operate a flight to and from the country. Available 24/7, Jetex Japan will help you plan a seamless travel experience, including trip planning, ground handling, visa applications, entry and landing permits as well as fuel arrangements. Whenever you are planning to fly to Japan, contact Jetex Japan.


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